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I often wondered what it is that makes me enjoy being a family photographer so much, and my conclusion is that it can only be the joy itself of being around wonderful family relationships and recording these in photographs. I see soppy dad’s, parents whose worlds have suddenly begun to revolve like moons around a new planet, mum’s completely immersed in the pool of love that is being a mum, and generally people enjoying being a new family or an old family for that matter: celebrating it all. Then there’s the fun, the discoveries, the foibles, the likenesses, and all the intricacies of family relationships that are either being created or have matured.

This session took place on the North Norfolk coast with a relatively new family. We headed to the woods and to the beach with mum and dad and their amazing daughter. In the woods we clambered on woods, sat in the long grass, someone took a liking to a big bit of bark from a massive pine tree which she then carried around for as long as possible before we found a spot for blowing dandelions and when that failed a little, bubbles, which were also quickly whisked away by the wind coming off the beach. Sand was no obstacle for the little lady and we enjoyed a bit of time on the beach, walking past the beach huts, playing in the sand, snacking and trying to avoid getting too much sand in our eyes, before having a few minutes in the sand dunes and then heading back to the cars before someone got a little too tired.

I’ve got to say that my lasting impression from this session will be a completely smitten mum and dad, enjoying a lovely bit of family time with their daughter whilst I caught as much of the magic on camera as I could. Did I say I loved my job 🙂

I hope you like a small selection of the photographs from the session and thanks again to the lovely family pictured.

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It’s always great to revisit photographs I haven’t seen for a little while when it comes to writing blogs for this website. Selecting a few photographs from the many produced during my short time with this extended family was hard work but made all the more easy as with each image my smile grew wider and wider 🙂 Last summer I visited the lovely Burghwood Hall, to photograph the family getting who’d gathered together for a weekend of fun, laughs, wonderful food, and relaxation to celebrate a wonderful wedding anniversary.

Introducing myself to the family members we started to plan a few formal photographs, which are usually a requirement when a big family group get together, by heading out into the gardens of the hall. Photographs outside are always more relaxed and I don’t really know why but I instantly knew that I was going to have great fun for the rest of the session. Not afraid to laugh at themselves and other members of the family we proceeded with the relaxed formals and then photographed smaller families, the kids enjoying themselves, some great couples including brothers, sisters-in-law and even had a bit of a styled stand-off between the new members of the family by marriage and their partners and siblings.

We spent some great time in Burghwood’s surroundings from the lawns to play equipment, swimming pool, lounges and even the kitchen, photographing lots of lovely moments, some cake eating, and even getting to witness first hand some seriously skilled cooking by the family’s lovely matriarchs (I’m still kicking myself for not taking a sample of their lovely food home with me as they did offer very kindly to send me away from the shoot with some).

I hope you like a small selection of the photographs from the shoot with this lovely family and that they make you smile as much as I do when looking at them 🙂 If you’re looking for Norfolk Holiday Ideas and/or if you’re staying at Burghwood Hall drop me a line.
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Special birthdays and occasions are always worth making a big fuss for, getting the family together, making a weekend of it, with bbq’s, activities, meals and fun. It’s always a privilege to be invited along to photograph a family enjoying such an occasion, not to mention great fun. On this weekend a wonderful lady had a birthday get together and às a Norwich photographer I  got to stay relatively close to home with a short trip toward Aylsham for the shoot in the grounds of a lovely holiday home.

On arrival I had a quick look around the house and gardens only to discover a wonderful stretch of woodland to the rear of the property complete with lake and pathways. With all shoots if you introduce a bit of adventure and exploration it particularly engages young participants so we headed out to explore and found some lovely spots for photographs of this large family and the smaller groups and families within it. Heading into the woods afforded us quite a lot of shaded areas which on a sunny day is a bonus when you want to try and avoid hard shadows and contrast on people’s faces.

Photographs of the whole family together, smaller families, kids, grandparents, couples and kids and all the fun then ensued, with some great comedy moments and lots of relaxation, running around and exploring all against a natural canvas of woods, tracks and paths. It was all great fun and there’s a small sample of the photographs below.

Get in touch if you’d like to book a shoot or buy a voucher for a friend or family member.


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I’m proud that the vast county of Norfolk is now my home and has been for many years. It’s a beautiful county to visit and that’s why it proves so popular as a tourist destination for thousands of tourists each year. Being a Norfolk Holiday Photographer, I have the privilege of photographing lots of family get togethers, holidays, short breaks and events each year and often photograph families on repeated visits to holiday homes and areas they like to visit. Wells next the Sea, Old Hunstanton, Cromer and the Broads are a few popular destinations and these areas are served really well by large houses, barns and holiday accommodation supplied by some great local companies who set the bar for customer care. I personally get to see quite a lot of the accommodation in question and the choice available in Norfolk is as vast as the county itself.

On this occasion I was asked to photograph a family who’d got together for a birthday weekend and headed to the town of Wells next the Sea to do so. I met up with the family at the beach and we photographed them and their two lovely labradors,  hanging out and generally having some fun and time together at the woods and the beach. On a busy day its always a good idea to head out early to beat a majority of the crowds and I’m always happy to show people quieter areas of Norfolk beaches as it’s more peaceful and when you’re being photographed it’s generally nice not to be in too much of a crowd both for comfort and the aesthetic considerations of backdrops to images.

We had fun in the woods, and then out on the beach taking in cool scenery and a bright sunny beach. Everyone had photographs with the wonderful older pet labrador as he was a bit of a family celeb and we even did a little dune jumping as there’s nothing nicer than some great leaps against a big blue sky. I hope you like a small sample of the photographs and if you need a family shoot however old the family are then please get in touch.

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Being a family Cambridge Family Photography Photographer is great fun, running around, making faces to make people smile, laughing, running around some more, juggling cameras, names and distractions, thinking of new natural ways to get a family group photographs whilst making a session relaxed, fun for the participants and a really positive experience. I’m really glad that my most common feed back is usually thanks for putting us at ease so quickly, and that they enjoyed something that they didn’t expect to enjoy, of course after how much they like the photographs 🙂

On this shoot we headed to an iconic Cambridgeshire landmark for a shoot in some lush grounds, lots of long grass fields, avenues and trees, which was great for on a sunny day you often need a little shade, and for little people it’s always great to have adventure on hand to keep them enjoying their experience. We climbed trees, searched for bugs, biked around, sat around, ran around, had lots of piggy backs, played on a bridge, up a tree house, had snacks and more importantly laughed, and had fun with it.

After many years of photographing families and having a family of my own I’m a firm advocate of using adventure and fun as a great way to obtain natural and beautiful photographs. Posing is ok but children get bored of it very quickly, so you have to keep moving and keeping it fresh as eyes and smiles always tell you whether someone’s engaged or not. That’s why I’ll keep on getting great exercise and some quality time outdoors during my sessions both of which I love.

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