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Autumnal photoshoots are great fun. The colours in natural surroundings are brilliant, the sun is low and ideal for portraits and there’s always an excuse to break out the knitwear, whether it’s a jumper or a great big wooly hat! As a Children’s portrait photographer I especially like the season for all those reasons and rejoice when I find a big pile of dry autumn leaves to throw about, almost as much as the kids do! A quick tip regarding leaves would be to look for the leaves of red oak trees, they’re huge, usually a great and unblemished brown or red and in addition to their lovely colour and shape they float on an autumn breeze really well too!

My Children’s portrait photography includes families, individual shoots for children and siblings and even mother and son/daughter shoots depending on who wants and is willing to be in front of the camera. Sessions last up to two hours and I like to try and build a rapport with the younger members of the group in particular well before I start pointing a camera at them. This helps them to relax, in addition to letting them be themselves, and trying to find a bit of adventure or fun in each shoot whether it’s throwing around autumn leaves which never fails to bring on the smiles or exploring the natural world. I’ve been photographing family shoots and children for over 8 years now, and still absolutely love having fun and making memories. Shoots aren’t always outdoors, family shoots in your home can also be equally as fun as the great outdoors and add a bit of childhood home nostalgia a few years on down the line.

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Looking back on a lovely session from last year, a shoot took me up to Kelling Heath in North Norfolk to meet up with a small family for a session on the Kelling Heath itself. The heath lies between Holt and Sheringham and commands a great spot overlooking the North Norfolk coast. There is a holiday park Kelling Heath Holiday Park next to the heath and it can also be accessed via the North Norfolk Railway tourist attraction.

The family have a home on the park and so it was a short walk for them, and as it was a day of sunshine and clouds out on the heath and the heather was in full flower giving me a colour palette of all manner of pinks and purples to work with in addition to bright yellow Gorse flowers. Add to this a bit of blue sky, green bracken and dark green pine trees and there was plenty of colour to complement this lovely shoot.

A young family shoot is always great fun as there’s always plenty of smiles, lots of time for cuddles, not to mention a bit of exploring to do. These sessions last up to two hours and include my travel in Norfolk, my editing time and provision of an online gallery from which client’s can choose the product(s) they’d like from small prints to complete USB collections of all their edited images with a HD slideshow. We had a lovely time and produced what I hope you think are lovely photographs for the family to treasure some of which are below.

If you’d like to book a session or even purchase a Voucher for a friend or family member please get in touch?

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Earlier this summer I headed up to the North Norfolk coast to photograph a large family gathering in celebration of a Golden Wedding Anniversary. Looking for a Snettisham Photographer the family had asked me to photograph them as they headed to their favourite beach adjacent to their holiday home.

I won’t lie, it was a very blustery day, with the thunderstorm clouds of the previous nights impressive storms hanging around on the horizon. However the strong wind was coming from the same direction as the sunshine so at least we didn’t have to worry about mussed up hair 🙂

Three generations and I headed to the beach for some fun photographs and some slightly more formal group photographs. Although the wind and sun were a bit harsh we had some lovely blue sky and once we finished on the beach we headed inland to one of the lakes that sit behind the beach at Snettisham before heading back to the family holiday home for a few more portraits.

It was a great afternoon with a lovely family celebrating a very special day. If you’d like to capture family memories on a special occasion then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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As a North Norfolk photographer I get to meet new families, enjoy adventures, have fun, and to produce photographs that record family life and which will hopefully be looked back upon for many years to come. Sometimes we have so much fun that the family get in touch again, and sometimes again. That’s the case with this lovely extended family who I had the pleasure of photographing for the third time earlier this year back in the summer.  It’s great, it means we can swap stories, enjoy each others company and have lots of fun, it means I’ve got to know them and them me a working relationship which allows everyone to be really relaxed.

On this occasion we were at a North Norfolk beach, enjoying spotting wildlife, messing around in the dunes, and woods. We spent most of the time on this shoot in the woods, it was very, very windy on the beach and the sand was flying around stinging skin and eyes a little too much. It was another story in the woods, sunny, windless, and just fun to run around in for all. It was great to reacquaint myself with the family there were laughs, great humour and more than a little tom foolery.

I normally allow up to two hours for family portrait sessions, this allows you to get to know me and I you before we even start with the photography. It also allows us to explore and find nice photogenic spots, good light, and enables me not only to capture a few slightly formal request photographs but also lots of natural interaction. It’s something I love throwing my energy into, being out with my cameras photographing great families.

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I’m the proud father of two girls, they grow like grass in spring, and I’ve started speculating as to when they’ll get taller than their mum and probably me. I often look at them and think, I must put aside some time to get some more photographs, to record that happy giggle on video, to stop time and freeze a memory of them that me and their mum can look back upon in years to come or at least include as a humorous image in a wedding speech. It’s why it is so important to record your life as a family and when significant birthday’s abound then they’re even more of an excuse to take stock of what you’ve got and remember how lucky you are. 1st Birthday Photography sessions are therefore pretty popular and dare I say it great fun.

There’s often lots of tentative little steps supported by mum and dad, smiles in abundance, cuddles, crawls, pull ups against anything that’ll allow and just the great feeling of a young family enjoying themselves. The beauty of being outdoors is that often the entertainment required of very young children is right there in front of them, in the pine cones, in the seas waves lapping on the shore, often just in their bare feet feeling sand between their toes. On this shoot we had a sail boat sailing close to shore to watch, long grass and logs to sit in and on, woodland floor and sandy beaches to explore and the shade of beach huts to which to retire when it all got a bit too bright.

The shoot was booked to mark this little man’s first birthday a whole weekend of celebrations at his favourite beach. After a morning roaming the woods and beach we wore the little guy out and reaped a crop of images that’ll hopefully be admired by a very rightly proud mum and dad for many years to come. If you’re interested in a 1st Birthday Photography Session get in touch, the great outdoors is perfect for a bit of adventure. View full post »

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