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Bluebell Woodland shoot: Family photography session Norwich

There’s no greater signal of the approach of summer than the advent of carpets of bluebells in local woodlands and no greater excuse to get out for a family photography session. A recent short family portrait session recorded a relatively new arrival in a family I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several times before in addition to their little man’s birthday.

Bluebells usually emerge before all the leaves on the trees have had chance to themselves. This means that often their carpet can be intermittently in sun and shade depending on the weather. Finding an area of shade so that the wonderful colours of the bluebells would saturate the photographs I took we enjoyed a little time giving the family chance to have some fun, pose for some family photographs and individual portraits.

One member of the family not to miss out was the family’s inimitable dog. I’m always asked by clients if I’d mind also having dogs along for shoots. I never mind at all. The inclusion of canine companions often supplies a great amount of entertainment particularly for younger family members and as family sessions often involve a certain amount of chaos, a little extra from the old adage of “not working with children and animals” never hurts.

Great fun, and I hope you like a small selection of the photographs produced.


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