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Home Portraits

Home portraits are no doubt becoming more popular, people take pride in their homes, they make great locations to keep young children happy, and a cup of tea and a biscuit is only seconds away if you need a break!

On a recent shoot I revisited a family who I’ve photographed on a number of special occasions: weddings, family gatherings and on this occasion to celebrate a birthday. It was a spring day, not too bright outdoors but warm enough and ideal for babies and youngsters who’ll often remain entertained if they have a nice view to admire or places to explore. The family had spent the weekend gathered celebrating a significant birthday, enjoying each other’s company and purportedly some delicious home-made cake.

With out any hesitation we headed outdoors into the garden to make the most of the daffodils and the spring air. We found plenty of amusement, walked through hosts of daffs, ran around on the lawn, sat around near the log pile, explored the pine trees and then finally headed back indoors for some coffee and some more photographs with a selection of knitted pigs bought by a very smitten grandmother for her new grandchildren.

A shoot at home is a very relaxed affair, probably one of the best ways to enjoy photography with your family in relative ease and gives you a great social context to photographs taken for the future viewer. I hope you like a few of the images from this very enjoyable session, thanks for reading.


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