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A little about me: a relaxed, friendly Norfolk Photographer

Hi I’m Phil, I love photography, love family life and love being a Norfolk Photographer.

I’m first and foremost a proud dad and hopefully a loving husband, living near Norwich in beautiful East Anglia. I have two gorgeous daughters, a beautiful wife and a cat who loves to jump on my lap in the evenings once the reign of cat chasing terrors that are my daughters are safely comfined to slumberland.

I enjoy meeting people, finding out a little about them, putting them at ease, having a bit of fun, and taking photographs. Taking photographs is always last on that list because all the other ingredients are essential to good photographs.  If you add a bit of nice natural light and a beautiful outdoor setting, you’re cooking on gas.

My clients include lots of families who live in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and lots of people who come to Norfolk and Suffolk for a get-away, holiday or short break with their family and just want some nice photographs while they’re here.

When I’m not photographing people I love playing piano, teaching my little girls as much as I know about nature by going for long walks and generally there’s also some overdue gardening to be done.

I’ve been a full-time photographer for 6 years and although my main love is family based photography I also enjoy wedding photography and a bit of commercial photography. If you’re curious and would like to have a look at my other photography please feel free using these links: Norfolk Wedding Photographer, Norfolk Commercial Photography.

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