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Norfolk Portrait Photographer: My Own Family

It’s often the case that as a Norfolk Portrait Photographer at the weekend I’m out photographing a number of families at some lovely locations in Norfolk. I love it, getting out into the outdoors and meeting new people all the time, for relaxed photography sessions. There is one drawback though and that’s that often when I get some time at home the last thing I want to do is load the cameras up and take photographs of my own family. However, in late Autumn I sometimes get a few weekend days free and can’t resist getting out into a local wood to use some of the lovely colours there for some family shots.

It was a late afternoon Saturday walk, the sun had mainly deserted the back edge of the woodland as it made its way toward the horizon. However, the girls were on good form, keen to mess around, show off, have fun. I only had one camera and one big lens, normally I carry three cameras so this was travelling light (albeit at about 4kg of camera and lens). The girls climbed on benches, up gates, sat beside trees, walked through deep piles of leaves and had great fun together, mum even got in on a few photographs too 🙂 Half an hour or so of family time, time to make photographic memories, to have fun and experience the joy of being a dad and husband to some beautiful ladies 🙂

I hope you like some of the photographs.



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