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Earlier this year a lovely lady won a family photography session in my “Great Bug Hunt Competition”. We then set a date for a shoot but unfortunately having planned a shoot at the beach the weather had other ideas and sent a day full of torrential rain our way. Luckily, although we couldn’t move the day of the session due to family members being only available on the one date, we did have recourse to the use of a community centre local to the lady’s home which could act as a portable studio base for a fun family photography session.

I’m quite lucky in that I have a wide gamut of photography gear to call upon should I need it, and on this occasion I needed my studio photography gear usually used for photographing local nursery/playgroups and such like. Out came a big white backdrop, four studio heads as we call our studio lights and other miscellaneous gear and up went an impromptu studio so that we could get some photographs of a lovely extended family together in spite of the heavy rain.

We had great fun with two very active children, and six adults, including mum, dad, grandad, grannie, and the kid’s uncle and his partner. We exhausted as many photographic possibilities as we could using a high key lighting set up to capture children and adults alike behaving as only you can on a white background with lots of light. We even revisited a favourite composite photograph of mine which involves photographing a whole family without the necessary bunching and scrummage that is normally required on even a large backdrop such as that one used. The photograph produced hopefully shows a relaxed family group and more than imitates the type of photograph that requires a large space such as a beach to achieve.

I hope you like some of the photographs from a fun family photography session, and hope to post more images of outdoor sessions soon.


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Sometimes the weather can play hard ball with the plans of a portrait photographer. On this occasion it was rather a gusty wind which threatened to slam unclosed doors and generally mess up hair of anyone attempting to go outdoors on what was an Easter Saturday. Combine the gusty wind with quite a cool and very grey day and it was decided that staying indoors in a spacious family home would be the best bet for some family photographs.

Staying indoors was not a bad idea. My clients wanted some photographs of their family in the house that had served as a family home through the childhood of several children who’d now left Norfolk to live and work in the capital. With Easter weekend being an ideal opportunity to get family together, parent’s, children and a daughter-in-law were all photographed together and individually with a little onus on the parent’s work too.

Using the natural light that enters the house even on a dull day we photographed the family in and around the house, not even leaving out the kitchen. I then whipped the family out for a rather blustery outdoor photo or two before returning indoors for some shots of the artist at work before heading to a very private shed for a couple more photographs.

It was great fun and hopefully an example of how even when the weather’s against us there are memories to be captured, I hope you like some of the photographs and if you’re in need of a portrait photographer please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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The introduction of a new baby to the family and a pair of significant birthday’s led to this natural family session at a client’s home in Suffolk last year.

I had photographed the wedding of the baby’s parent’s a year or so prior to this session and it was great to meet up with them again and see the start of their own family. The father’s own mother and father were both celebrating a significant birthday and what better excuse could there be than to get everyone together for family photographs with their new addition.

Working with baby’s is always a case of “making hay whilst the sun shines” and in this session thankfully the sun shone and so did a little lady for long enough to pose with her family before needing a little more sleep. Young babies need regular food and sleep so patience is essential as is the ability to adapt quickly to the situation at hand. The emphasis in this session was very much one of photographing family together rather than baby separately to her family and with a young baby over the initial newborn stage this worked well as often the best way to pose a baby of this age is being held by parents or in this case parents and family members.

We used the family home for the session alternating between indoors and outdoors depending on the weather. Thankfully we had a good deal of sunshine and quite warm weather so we could utilise the garden for the larger family groupings and the interior of a lounge for closer photographs of baby and grandparents and parents. After baby had returned to her slumbers we carried on photographing the family at the behest of two very proud grandparents.

It was lovely again to reacquaint myself with a lovely family many of which I’d only met briefly at the prior wedding, and who I got to learn more about as I photographed them during this session.

If you would like a relaxed and natural session at home then please feel free to get in touch, I’m presently booking up my spring diary and looking forward to booking up holiday sessions and some Sunday sessions during this summer.




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I often produce portraits of families but on occasion I’m also asked to produce portraits of couples and individuals. In this case my client was a student at the University of East Anglia or the UEA as it’s also known,  a University I hold close to my heart as almost sixteen years ago I passed out of the place with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy. I was asked to produce some portrait photographs of the young man concerned to be given to his grandfather on a significant birthday. It turns out that his grandfather is a landscape architect who had some dealings with the design of UEA’s campus, so an outdoor portrait photography session made for the ideal opportunity to photograph his student grandson in the actual landscape he had designed.

We started in Earlham Park, a beautiful park on the edge of the UEA which hosts huge national music events, and the biggest fireworks display in Norwich each year. With winter being in full swing it was harder than usual to find lovely backdrops for the portraits but I was still struck by some of the great scenery in the parks landscape particularly Earlham Hall, which seems to have undergone a beautiful facelift since I left the UEA. We then moved on past the wonderfully iconic Sainsbury’s centre to the UEA broad area where we took some photographs in the woodland, in front of the now famous Ziggurats, and of course the broad itself. A quick hike to the top of “the prospect” a man-made hill designed by said grandfather’s company and we had a great panoramic view of the UEA campus and the setting sun. We then did a few more quick portraits before the sun finally deserted us for the evening on the raised walkway which is another great feature of the campus architecture.

It was a lovely outdoor portrait photography shoot. Great to chat about University life with a student in his third year, and even better to see front of camera confidence grow throughout a relaxed portrait session.



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January and February are traditionally a great time for indoor baby photography at home. This is because the low angle of sunlight at this time of year shines softly far into a house providing you with a great quality of light to use for simple natural light photographs.

Photographers try very hard to recreate a lovely soft sunlight by using lots of what we call light shaping tools, big umbrellas and soft boxes of various types that soften light from artificial sources. However when you’re lucky enough to have it on tap, pushing through windows of a conservatory, a french window or other then this low diffuse sunlight is simply the best thing for photographing the soft skin of baby’s and young children. Combine this sunlight with a soft backdrop, a large cushion or bed and you’ve got the makings of a great portrait. Tame an older sibling and get lucky with a neutral baby expression which isn’t too disapproving of being held by an elder sibling and voila you can even get a photograph hopefully to last some time in the family archive.

The picture below is of my own daughters, photographed on a bean bag with a large soft fabric throw from John Lewis and background support system (a set of poles) providing the background, and a white reflector filling in any shadows by pushing the sunlight behind them.  I hope my daughter’s enjoy looking at it when they’re much older and hope their own children will have the pleasure in turn of seeing their own mother’s pictured together, as for me, I’m just glad to have caught a little bit of sand from our great egg timer and put it to one side.

Hope you like the photograph and do get in touch if you’re interested in some family and baby photography.

baby photography with natural light and sibling

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