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I’ve been meeting lots of new babies recently and wow there’s nothing like meeting a new little person and seeing them smile whilst their very proud parents look on.

On a recent shoot I revisited a couple whose wedding I’d photographed a few years back who had recently been blessed with the arrival of a baby daughter.

Baby photography at home is often a good idea particularly if baby isn’t feeling in the mood straight off the bat as was the case on this occasion. It helps to have both parents and baby in a familiar environment with everything easily to hand particularly if the baby isn’t quite feeling him or herself.

On this occasion it took quite a few feeds, a little sleep and dad and the photographer to nip out to get some lunch before baby felt truly ready for the camera and settled enough to give us a period of calm curiosity perfect for photographs. Despite lots of toys and other items being used to attract baby’s attention, today a humble packet of crisps rattled back and forth was the key to this little lady’s heart.

It was great to catch up with a lovely couple and to see them as a new family, I hope you like some of the photographs from the session.


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Baby photography at home is without doubt the nicest way to photograph your new loved one.

I’ve photographed quite a few babies in a studio environment in the past and have found that the baby’s and their parents are never quite as settled as they are when at home. All of your baby bits and pieces are handy, the changes of clothing options are fairly limitless and it’s a warm, familiar environment where you can relax.

On a recent visit to a client’s home we made use of the lovely natural light of a winter’s day to supply us with all the natural light we needed for photography of the family and their baby daughter. At home in a familiar environment with relaxed parents it didn’t take long at all for this little lady to produce some absolutely gorgeous smiles taking the shoot completely in her stride. With lots of portraits of the little lady completed mum and dad joined their daughter for some natural family portraits.

It was a lovely relaxed Sunday morning shoot, brilliant to meet a lovely new family, I hope you like some of the photographs.

Remember that if you’re expecting or have a friend or relative that is, you can always buy  a voucher for a shoot with me Phil, a Norwich Photographer.


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The home is often a very natural and comfortable place to be, and if you’ve got a couple of acres to explore and want some photographs of your family then it’s also a great place for some lifestyle family photography.

I visited some recent clients on a frosty  Sunday morning at their home to photograph a growing family and their lovely dog. As there was a picturesque frost with a bright morning sun shining down it, there was the ideal opportunity to head out in the garden and fields around the family’s house for some outdoor photographs. Despite the brightness of the sun, a nice sunny winters morning provides some wonderful light for photographs and we had great fun before returning to the house for a warm up and some more portrait photographs and candid photographs in the rather gorgeous interior of the family home.

It was a great morning and lovely to make the acquaintance again of a family who are great fun and enjoy being together. I hope you like a small selection of the photographs from the session.


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Winter isn’t the time of the year when you imagine that it’s a good idea to head out for a family portrait shoot, but here’s the news it is often a great time of the year to get together for a session.

In the run up to Christmas I visited the very beautiful town of Southwold on the Suffolk Coast to meet up with a family I’d photographed earlier in the year for a birthday celebration. They were enjoying a bit of time away with their extended family for Christmas and had hired a lovely house not far from the beach in the town. On quite a cold day with a bit of a breeze blowing and the sea as high as I’ve ever seen it in Southwold we headed down to the Seafront for some photographs with the family and their pet dogs. We had great fun with beach huts and the lovely beach enjoying a superb bit of winter sun that created a micr0-climate that almost made it warm enough to remove your winter coat in comfort.

I left the family to enjoy a fab Christmas and all that Southwold had to offer them, great to see such a nice family again, great to make some more memories for them, and greater still to have some fun on a sunlit wintery beach.

I hope you enjoy some of the photographs and if you would like a suffolk lifestyle photography shoot please get in touch.

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It’s nearly Christmas and I’ve been busy with lots of portrait shoots of various kinds but thought I’d blog a recent visit to Thetford Forest with a lovely family who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several times now.

With two boys and their mum and dad we decided that we could could risk an afternoon shoot in the Forest on a beautifully sunny but also quite cold winter’s day. We set off from a well known spot in Thetford Forest to have a bit of a wander aimed at allowing the boys to enjoy themselves whilst mum, dad and I tagged along. Despite it being quite cold the boys enjoyed themselves exploring the woods, running amok, and spending a good deal of time practising their balancing skills on a fallen pine tree.

The colours in the forest, the atmosphere and the light of a low winter sun only added to the photographs of the family, it’s got to be said that if you go that extra mile you’re often handsomely rewarded and with photography it’s often about the quality of light that you have available to you which on this occasion wasn’t lacking. Sunbeams through pine trees on a cold day can’t be beaten so drop me a line if you fancy heading out on even the most inhospitable days as you might just find a bit of magic.

I hope you like this selection of images from the session which ended with a lovely hot chocolate 🙂 A perfect end to Thetford Forest Photography.

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