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My “fine art portrait sessions” concentrate on the individual subject and aim to produce stunning portraits that are not only beautiful but also display personality and character. The sessions are particularly good for children’s portraits concentrating on a single child and can be purchased as a gift using my gift vouchers.

On a recent shoot we took advantage of the beautiful evening sunshine and a natural outdoor setting of a Norwich based park to produce some photographs of a lovely young lady who positively shone in front of the camera both with confidence and personality. As a photographer it’s wonderful to be able to concentrate your efforts on capturing aspects of an individual and the “fine art” sessions give me far more time to capture nuances and moments.

I hope you like a small sample of the images produced, and can see how different aspects of personality can be caught in these sessions while concentrating the attention on the individual.

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Two little fellas I’ve photographed a few times now were with me for another portrait session not long ago. As a portrait photographer it’s always great to have repeat bookings from clients. There’s less self-consciousness, more understanding between photographer and subjects and well a little bit more fun on offer.

Brothers and sisters have their own dynamic, these guys ping off each other, gain confidence in each other’s company and some would say get a little cheekier given half a chance.

This was a “fine art portrait session” where I was concentrating on the boys solely. With mum and dad we looked for great natural evening light and then used it as a natural backdrop to some photographs which hopefully display the personality and character of the boys.

I hope you like the photographs and if you’re interested in a portrait session then please let me know.

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I provide a variety of portrait shoots for different clients ranging from baby sessions for new families, to small family groups with one or two children, all the way up to family gatherings typically involving about 10-20 people. However, I’ve recently started to offer “Fine Art Portrait Photography” sessions which are based upon high quality portraits of the individual, and are typically aimed at parent’s who’d like stunning images of their children.

There’s a slightly different approach to these sessions. First and foremost the Fine art portrait photography sessions aim to produce images in beautiful outdoor locations. This is because there’s simply no canvas or interior which can look as beautiful as natural settings combined with great natural light. To get the best of the natural light, these sessions will concentrate on the times of day that have the most beautiful light i.e: morning and late afternoon to evening. To shoot at this time of day with younger children often requires a slightly shorter session as they’ll often get tired easily particularly in the early evening. Finally, the camera lenses used for this type of shoot are dedicated professional lenses for portraits, which make distracting foregrounds and backgrounds absolutely beautiful and concentrate your eye on the subject of the photograph.

For this session, we photographed in the early evening mainly in a water meadow full of natural flowers and the odd tree or two. We then moved to a nearby woodland to shoot a few more images looking for pockets of evening light which on this occasion were a little few and far between. Hopefully you’ll agree that the images produced are lovely, and that the young lady’s personality shines through in what are still natural images.

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I’m very lucky to photograph some great clients that make my family photography sessions an absolute joy. For this family photography session we gathered a rather large and adventurous family for an outdoor walk which turned out to be a little more like a trek but thankfully everyone had a great time.

I memorised at 16 names for this shoot, it’s something that I like to do before big family sessions as particularly when you’re photographing a large group, you simply need to know who you’re talking to at all times. When we arrived at our location of choice I set about putting names to faces and then we proceeded to head off, intent on giving everyone a bit of exercise, fun and some photographs to remember the day by before the family went their separate ways after the shoot.

I’m glad to say that it wasn’t only the children who had a sense of adventure on this shoot, the young adults and older adults alike were all game for a bit of a laugh and this made for some slightly crazy but fun photographic opportunities, including almost all of the family in a very large tree. After a slightly wrong turn looking for a particularly picturesque spot we did end up walking a little further than anticipated but I comfort myself in thinking that the extra exercise was recompensed by the large picnic planned upon the sessions’ conclusion.

If you’d like photographs of a large family gathering then please feel free to get in touch. I hope you like a small selection of the photographs produced on the day below.

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Home Baby Photography is a very relaxed way in which to record a new member of your family. On this shoot I set off with some background equipment, lights and camera gear ready to make up a baby photography studio in the family’s home. As it turned out I didn’t need all the equipment I’d packed. A bright day, a large lounge window and a lounge futon worked brilliantly for the photographs of this little 8 day old boy, a wonderful addition to a family I’d had the pleasure of photographing previously on several occasions.

As with all the best laid plans with relatively newborn baby photography the baby boy decided that he didn’t really want to sleep when I arrived at the home. Instead, he wanted feeds, cuddles and not to have his photograph taken at all on his own. Thankfully, this wasn’t a worry and an hour or so later he finally decided to have some deep sleep which enabled us to capture some photographs of him peaceful and relaxed.

In the interim, I didn’t waste my time. The little baby concerned was a third child and his two older siblings were all too happy to have some photographs around the house with dad. There was jumping on beds, more than a little posing and generally great fun to be had.

When we’d taken some images of the baby on his own, with his parents and with his siblings in the house, we’d decided to take advantage of a light evening to head out for some outdoor photographs near the family home. We went for a little walk and took some photographs along the way. It was great fun, farm buildings, fields, gates and walls were found, explored, jumped off, whilst a new little brother slumbered.

If you’d like a similar home baby photography session please feel free to get in touch.

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