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Fine-Art Portrait sessions are often suited to single subjects but in this case I produced some fine-art and family portraits for a small family. With Autumn leaves colouring the natural world in beautiful yellow and brown tones it’s remiss not to head out and make the most of the season.

On this occasion we’d headed just short of the North Norfolk Coast to a beautiful area of park land complete with lots of mature deciduous trees in the process of dropping carpets of leaves. It was just me, mum and dad, their son and pet dog, and we managed to take lots of individual portraits of a wonderfully photogenic young man on his own and then with his parents and best fur buddy. Sometimes people are a little scared of Autumn and Winter shoots but needn’t be. Lets face it, chunky knits are clothes that just make you feel good, scarfs are just great accessories and the light particularly in these winter months is low and soft: perfect for portraits and saturation of lovely subdued colours. On this occasion, the little man even accessorised with the most wonderful flat cap owing to his part Yorkshire heritage.

We headed out onto a woodland trail, found some great trees surrounded by a carpet of leaves, then headed further into the woods, it was a great morning followed by a nice warm hot chocolate from a local tearoom: perfect!

I hope you like a small sample of the images produced during this session, it was great fun, and as it’s not the family’s first shoot with me, I hope to see them again at some point in the future.


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Family occasions that I’m asked to photograph include significant birthdays, family reunions, holidays and occasionally Christenings. As a photographer North Norfolk is often where I find myself and for this session I’d been asked to provide some formal photographs to celebrate a young man’s Christening that had taken place a few weeks earlier and then a few less formal photographs of this relatively new family together.

I’d been privileged to photograph the couple’s wedding a few years ago at The Temple in the grounds of Holkham Hall and it was to here that the couple had decided to return to stage a few Christening images. The Temple made a great backdrop to the couple’s wedding and didn’t disappoint as a perfect place for photographs even on a slightly overcast day.

On a personal note, it’s always great to see family’s and couples again and I’m lucky to have many repeat clients who entrust me to capture images of their families as they grow up. On this occasion I got to meet a wonderfully cheeky young man, who even toward the end of the session was forthcoming with so many smiles that it was difficult to call an end to the photographs.

I hope you like a small sample of the photographs and that you’ll contact me if you’d like some family photographs in North Norfolk.

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Family Photography is wonderful fun. I like to encourage families to head to the great outdoors, explore, have an adventure, take a long walk. It is invariably the best way to get great photographs as together we not only look for photogenic spots but also explore the natural interactions that occur between a family as they relax and enjoy themselves.

I’m a big believer in longer portrait sessions and for this reason my sessions last up to two hours. The reason behind this is that a, it allows you to get out and relax, whether its at a specific location or walking and b, it allows everyone to acclimatise to being photographed, to get used to it, to not worry about it and eventually enjoy it.

I’m often presented with a very keen mum, a slightly less keen dad and children who don’t know which example to follow, if they do at all. I’m glad to say that I’m often told how painless an experience my sessions are, how everyone felt relaxed quickly and even how sometimes even Dad enjoyed himself. I like to think that the photographs speak for themselves, if you see natural smiles there’s no mistaking them, if you see a look of pride on a parent’s face it’s real, if you see hi-jinx or a quiet moment it is just that, one of the many moments that a family experiences through which the love shines clearly.

It’s what I love, it’s what makes me laugh out loud during portrait sessions and what keeps me smiling when spending hours editing images in front of a computer screen.

The session featured below was no exception, a lovely autumnal family photography session, out in the woods, through the avenues of trees, to quiet intersections of tracks, to large fallen trees, to tree canopies radiating fine light autumn colours, it’s great fun.

If you’d be interested in a family portrait session or a fine-art portrait session, there’s no specific best time, Winter is often just as beautiful as spring, Beaches remain the same landscape the year round. There’s no excuses 🙂

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At some point I’m sure I’ll grow bored of being a North and South Norfolk Photographer, retire to a hermitage, never to pick up a camera again: but I can’t see it being anytime soon!

My recent family shoot saw me in South Norfolk on a Saturday morning with a lovely family of three generations including 2 grandparents, 4 parents and 3 children. It was a session at a rural home surrounded by fields, driveways lined with trees shedding their leaves and countryside tracks. In short it was a great chance to find some fallen autumn leaves, explore the fields and try to saturate as much of the colours of this wonderful time of year into my photographs as I could.

It was morning, dare I say it, when children are usually more compliant and generally a bit happier compared to their own selves in the afternoon. There was a little bit of excess energy to burn whilst the older generation looked on, but thankfully it meant that the children had plenty of energy to at least return to a photogenic spot for another quick go at achieving the photographs that we were after when first attempts hadn’t quite been a success.

We had great fun, children held hands, fell on the floor, were swung by adults, got to climb fences, got cuddles, looked at sheep, were tickled and generally ran around lots, with the added fun of throwing some autumnal leaves about. I think the parents and grandparents also enjoyed themselves, they also got to cuddle and hold hands but I don’t think they could be trusted with too much more 🙂

It was a lovely session, even better to edit the images and see all the smiles.

If you’d like a stress free outdoor family portrait session get in touch, it’s autumn one of the best times of year to do it!



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Family photography doesn’t come any better than when it starts in the family home, takes you on a picturesque walk around the local village, and ends in a cornfield with tractor tracks large enough to walk in without damaging the crop. Not only that but the walk gives baby a chance to have a snooze and there’s a lovely family to both catch up with and photograph whom you’ve provided with engagement photography, wedding photography, family photography and now new family photography.

Starting in the garden of a family home we photographed the family’s new arrival with her parents, uncle and grandparents. It was a lovely sunny day and when the grass in the garden is dry and the flowers in bloom it’s great to be able to sit about and produce some photographs in such a familiar and comfortable environment. On this occasion there was the family cat and the wonderful plants in the garden to keep the little lady completely entertained and smiling.

With extended family photographs taken, mum, dad, baby and I headed off for a walk around the village finding a wonderful footpath which lies between some trees to use for some photographs and a good area of set aside at the edge of a field to use for some couple photographs of mum and dad when the little lady decided to have a bit of a snooze. Finally, although the sky had become a little washed out we headed to a local corn field for some landscape and family photographs.

It was a great afternoon catching up, meeting a new family member and having great fun producing some photographs. If you’d like a portrait session then please get in touch?

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