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Out and about in the wilds of Norfolk as a North Norfolk Photographer I headed to the beach for this recent family shoot with a little bit of a difference. On this occasion the session was a combination of an engagement shoot and family shoot. On the one part it was an engagement session marking the coming marriage of a lovely couple and as both bride and groom-to-be have children from their previous relationships they also came along for the ride 🙂

We started out trying to find the wood for the trees, entertaining the younger members of the group and allowing the soon to be happy couple to have a few quiet moments before the younger generation insisted on taking a swing or two on a woodland swing. We then made our way slowly to the beach, again stopping off for some tree climbing, some obligatory wife-to-be carrying/racing and then headed out to the sand to appreciate one of the most appealing things about North Norfolk, it’s beautiful sandy beaches. It was a little misty so we couldn’t really see the sea or the horizon too well but the warmth of the sand and a little bit of a bright sky and Norfolk beaches become a lovely place to be, to hang out and to enjoy yourselves as a couple and a family.

I can’t wait to photograph this couple’s wedding, particularly now I’ve spent some time with them and the kids who’ll play a big part on the wedding day. It’s going to be great and I’m looking forward to spending more time watching them all enjoy themselves.

If you would like a family photography portrait session in North Norfolk please drop me a line.
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Natural baby photography at home is something I’m getting asked to do more and more. To be fair there’s no more comfortable space for both baby and parents. I know from my own experience that home is an ever changing space when baby’s are born so a session based around your own home records not only you as a family but the space in which you all live at that moment in time; the change mats, the toys, all those things that in a few years will no doubt become less significant or change.

During this recent session my client not only wanted natural photographs around the home but also a few images outdoors. Again the reason here was to record the first home, it’s environment and beautiful locality. My own eldest daughter spent a year in her first home before with a new sister on the way we moved to a larger house.  To her, her first home is still a major part of her life relived in photographs and video.

We worked around feeds and changes of clothes during this session which is normal for a baby photography at home session. We headed out after spending some time inside to discover a cool but quite sunny spring day. With a little walk we found some great reeds and some wonderfully warm sunlight which gave us chance for some beautifully naturally warm photographs.

I hope you like a small selection of the photographs taken, it was a pleasure meeting a lovely new family, if you would like a natural baby photography session please get in touch. 

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Norfolk’s beaches are great locations for family lifestyle photography particularly if you’re on Holiday. Even in the winter half terms when it’s not quite so warm and the leaves are yet to emerge on the trees the beaches are still picturesque particularly if they have beautiful sand dunes like Winterton on Sea. Winterton Beach Family Photography is always great fun, with public facilities and a great cafe on hand, in addition to a big car park and plenty of space to run around both the beach and dunes are a lovely location to visit.

On this occasion, I was shooting a very small family shoot for a number of reasons, both to give a few images of a lovely young family to the family but also to provide mum in this case with a few images for her new business website. We were looking for active photographs of the children for the website which will be for a Child Physiotherapy business run by the mum concerned, and also relaxed family shots just as a general record of the family who unfortunately were missing dad on this occasion.

It was great to get out to Winterton beach on the half-term, a beautiful sunny day just means blue skies and golden sand and Marram grass on the extensive dunes, both of which are great locations for active images and a few family photographs.

I hope you like a small taste of the images produced.


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Family Photography at home is great, as for younger members of a family, and probably old too, the home environment is a place to relax. On this shoot from last year, I visited a relatively new family to capture some of their life with their newest member, and into the mix we also managed to get some shots of the family’s lovely Collie dog. I spent a couple of hours with the family producing natural shots in the house, front and back gardens and on a short walk down the lane on which the family live. It was all very relaxed and hopefully this shows in the photographs. One young man certainly spent a great deal of the time smiling.

We started indoors, introducing the family’s young son to the idea of a photographer and cameras in the living room. As it was a bright day there was lots of light indoors and plenty of time to make an acquaintance whilst photographing a little bit of cruising around sofa edges and tables in addition to family cuddles. Moving outdoors to the back garden we found a favourite swing and the family’s Collie dog. With a bit of planning and a well placed favourite ball we even managed to get the young man on his swing with his Collie beside him before also getting some shots with mum and dad. With the sun being so bright we had to be quite careful to avoid quite a blinding sunlight by sticking mainly in the shaded areas of the back garden so also explored the front lawn of the property which owing to a large oak tree on it’s boundary had some great leaves for a certain young man to play with as we tried to get some portraits of him sat on and crawling around the lawn. Finally we had a little walk looking for some lovely soft light and any little places we could find down the lane from the house before returning to the family’s home.

I photograph lots of different shoots each year but by far my favourite are shoots outdoors or family photography sessions at home. If you’d like to book a session then please get in touch. I hope you like a few of the photographs from this shoot below.



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I love heading out into the Norfolk countryside for family shoots and there’s nowhere better than the North Norfolk coast with it’s lovely beaches. Last year I headed out with a family with two young boys to find the adventure and fun as a Wells Portrait Photographer.

Anyone with energetic young children will tell you that they don’t sit still so heading outdoors is a great solution, however it’s also the solution to children who don’t like having their photograph taken. Simply put when you’re having fun and a bit of an adventure it’s hard to remember that someone might also be photographing you and lets face it when you have been running about for a while it’s nice to stop for a moment or two with mum or dad or perhaps have them carry you for a little while. It all makes for great photographic opportunities and on this shoot worked a treat.

A big thank you to the family involved who were great fun to photograph. It’s always really nice to look through a set of photographs and see so many genuine smiles, so many photographs that will soon become remarkable as two little guys grow taller and taller.

This is a small sample of the fun to be had on an outdoor portrait session, please get in touch to book your own family a moment in time. I promise it’ll be great fun.

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