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I love being a parent of a young family and as a North Norfolk Family Photographer there’s nothing I like more than meeting other parent’s of young families to photograph them. I’d met Mum and daughter last year for a shoot on Hunstanton beach so this time got to meet dad too when the family came to stay in the Holkham and Burnham Market area.

It was quite a cold day, windy and with a threat of heavy rain showers. We met up at the family’s holiday home in Burnham Market and quickly decided that an outdoor shoot might be worth risking despite the foreboding weather reports. We headed toward the Holkham area, hoping to find somewhere to shoot protected from the icy wind. Thankfully North Norfolk’s coastline has a good sandy soil which drains water away quickly so that often it’s quite dry under foot and combining this with local knowledge of natural windbreaks that would afford us some warmth away from the wind we found a lovely spot in which the family could have a bit of fun.

It quickly became apparent that the cooler weather wouldn’t bother us at all as the warmth generated by this young family having fun together became apparent. In fact in a change from the weather reports the sun even came out to show it’s face. We had lots of fun: there was “row, row, row your boat” with plenty of screams, balancing along fallen trees helped out by mum and dad, wild geese flocks to watch as they flew through the sky, kisses and cuddles, wellington wearing, exploring with sticks including just a little bit of prodding daddy with them, sausage snack eating and lots and lots of smiles.

I think we were all very happy to have headed out, made some memories for a lovely family, great fun for a North Norfolk family photographer.

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It’s often the case that as a Norfolk Portrait Photographer at the weekend I’m out photographing a number of families at some lovely locations in Norfolk. I love it, getting out into the outdoors and meeting new people all the time, for relaxed photography sessions. There is one drawback though and that’s that often when I get some time at home the last thing I want to do is load the cameras up and take photographs of my own family. However, in late Autumn I sometimes get a few weekend days free and can’t resist getting out into a local wood to use some of the lovely colours there for some family shots.

It was a late afternoon Saturday walk, the sun had mainly deserted the back edge of the woodland as it made its way toward the horizon. However, the girls were on good form, keen to mess around, show off, have fun. I only had one camera and one big lens, normally I carry three cameras so this was travelling light (albeit at about 4kg of camera and lens). The girls climbed on benches, up gates, sat beside trees, walked through deep piles of leaves and had great fun together, mum even got in on a few photographs too 🙂 Half an hour or so of family time, time to make photographic memories, to have fun and experience the joy of being a dad and husband to some beautiful ladies 🙂

I hope you like some of the photographs.


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A home photo shoot is great particularly if you have a young baby. This session was quite similar to one I’d done for the same family a couple of years prior but with the addition of a new younger sister and a new family dog.

When I arrived it was straight on with photographing the youngest member of the family. I love to photograph babies usually from the age of 6 months onward. This is because by this age babies have usually started to sit-up and are generally inclined to smile lots and enjoy the experience of being photographed. I’m glad to say that this little lady did just as well as her elder sister at the same age with both being wonderfully photogenic.

We then moved onto photographing the siblings together before giving the younger sister a bit of respite for a feed whilst her older sister had a few photographs.

The whole family then posed for photographs, with the photographs being taken in a relaxed fashion designed to produce natural images of interactions, and natural expressions.

The plan had then been to take a short walk to some local woodlands and take some outdoor shots with the autumnal colours available. However the weather had other ideas and it started to rain heavily for the rest of the afternoon. So we stayed indoors, took some more photographs and generally had some fun getting family photographs that’ll be cherished in the future.

If you’d like a family shoot at home, please get in touch.


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Fine-Art Portrait sessions are often suited to single subjects but in this case I produced some fine-art and family portraits for a small family. With Autumn leaves colouring the natural world in beautiful yellow and brown tones it’s remiss not to head out and make the most of the season.

On this occasion we’d headed just short of the North Norfolk Coast to a beautiful area of park land complete with lots of mature deciduous trees in the process of dropping carpets of leaves. It was just me, mum and dad, their son and pet dog, and we managed to take lots of individual portraits of a wonderfully photogenic young man on his own and then with his parents and best fur buddy. Sometimes people are a little scared of Autumn and Winter shoots but needn’t be. Lets face it, chunky knits are clothes that just make you feel good, scarfs are just great accessories and the light particularly in these winter months is low and soft: perfect for portraits and saturation of lovely subdued colours. On this occasion, the little man even accessorised with the most wonderful flat cap owing to his part Yorkshire heritage.

We headed out onto a woodland trail, found some great trees surrounded by a carpet of leaves, then headed further into the woods, it was a great morning followed by a nice warm hot chocolate from a local tearoom: perfect!

I hope you like a small sample of the images produced during this session, it was great fun, and as it’s not the family’s first shoot with me, I hope to see them again at some point in the future.


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Family occasions that I’m asked to photograph include significant birthdays, family reunions, holidays and occasionally Christenings. As a photographer North Norfolk is often where I find myself and for this session I’d been asked to provide some formal photographs to celebrate a young man’s Christening that had taken place a few weeks earlier and then a few less formal photographs of this relatively new family together.

I’d been privileged to photograph the couple’s wedding a few years ago at The Temple in the grounds of Holkham Hall and it was to here that the couple had decided to return to stage a few Christening images. The Temple made a great backdrop to the couple’s wedding and didn’t disappoint as a perfect place for photographs even on a slightly overcast day.

On a personal note, it’s always great to see family’s and couples again and I’m lucky to have many repeat clients who entrust me to capture images of their families as they grow up. On this occasion I got to meet a wonderfully cheeky young man, who even toward the end of the session was forthcoming with so many smiles that it was difficult to call an end to the photographs.

I hope you like a small sample of the photographs and that you’ll contact me if you’d like some family photographs in North Norfolk.

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