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At some point I’m sure I’ll grow bored of being a North and South Norfolk Photographer, retire to a hermitage, never to pick up a camera again: but I can’t see it being anytime soon!

My recent family shoot saw me in South Norfolk on a Saturday morning with a lovely family of three generations including 2 grandparents, 4 parents and 3 children. It was a session at a rural home surrounded by fields, driveways lined with trees shedding their leaves and countryside tracks. In short it was a great chance to find some fallen autumn leaves, explore the fields and try to saturate as much of the colours of this wonderful time of year into my photographs as I could.

It was morning, dare I say it, when children are usually more compliant and generally a bit happier compared to their own selves in the afternoon. There was a little bit of excess energy to burn whilst the older generation looked on, but thankfully it meant that the children had plenty of energy to at least return to a photogenic spot for another quick go at achieving the photographs that we were after when first attempts hadn’t quite been a success.

We had great fun, children held hands, fell on the floor, were swung by adults, got to climb fences, got cuddles, looked at sheep, were tickled and generally ran around lots, with the added fun of throwing some autumnal leaves about. I think the parents and grandparents also enjoyed themselves, they also got to cuddle and hold hands but I don’t think they could be trusted with too much more 🙂

It was a lovely session, even better to edit the images and see all the smiles.

If you’d like a stress free outdoor family portrait session get in touch, it’s autumn one of the best times of year to do it!



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Family photography doesn’t come any better than when it starts in the family home, takes you on a picturesque walk around the local village, and ends in a cornfield with tractor tracks large enough to walk in without damaging the crop. Not only that but the walk gives baby a chance to have a snooze and there’s a lovely family to both catch up with and photograph whom you’ve provided with engagement photography, wedding photography, family photography and now new family photography.

Starting in the garden of a family home we photographed the family’s new arrival with her parents, uncle and grandparents. It was a lovely sunny day and when the grass in the garden is dry and the flowers in bloom it’s great to be able to sit about and produce some photographs in such a familiar and comfortable environment. On this occasion there was the family cat and the wonderful plants in the garden to keep the little lady completely entertained and smiling.

With extended family photographs taken, mum, dad, baby and I headed off for a walk around the village finding a wonderful footpath which lies between some trees to use for some photographs and a good area of set aside at the edge of a field to use for some couple photographs of mum and dad when the little lady decided to have a bit of a snooze. Finally, although the sky had become a little washed out we headed to a local corn field for some landscape and family photographs.

It was a great afternoon catching up, meeting a new family member and having great fun producing some photographs. If you’d like a portrait session then please get in touch?

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Outdoor Portrait Photography provides beautiful natural backdrops to images particularly on a sunny evening at a local park. With lots of energy, even with a week of school behind him, the park made the perfect location for a portrait session with this young man. Along with mum, we explored tree lined avenues, a ruined ancient house, a riverside quay and even had some time to throw stones in a particularly huge puddle: it’s not all hard work being a photographer.

Along the way we looked for beautiful spots, beautiful light, and to capture this ‘man in the making’s’ personality. From cheeky smiles, to contemplative moments, fun moments, to laughing out loud. Running, climbing, sitting, playing, thinking, smiling, a little posing and just being proud of his gate climbing skills! It was a great way to document a little slice of life for this young man, his family and him with portraits I hope will be looked at for many years to come.

This was a “fine art” portrait session concentrating my energies on photographing a single subject, the many facets of his personality and on a beautiful evening. I’m conducting more of these sessions now and they can take place at any point in the year, from summer with it’s long evenings, to winter with warm winter clothing and a little bit of frost on tall plants and trees. Get in touch if you’d like a session.

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My “fine art portrait sessions” concentrate on the individual subject and aim to produce stunning portraits that are not only beautiful but also display personality and character. The sessions are particularly good for children’s portraits concentrating on a single child and can be purchased as a gift using my gift vouchers.

On a recent shoot we took advantage of the beautiful evening sunshine and a natural outdoor setting of a Norwich based park to produce some photographs of a lovely young lady who positively shone in front of the camera both with confidence and personality. As a photographer it’s wonderful to be able to concentrate your efforts on capturing aspects of an individual and the “fine art” sessions give me far more time to capture nuances and moments.

I hope you like a small sample of the images produced, and can see how different aspects of personality can be caught in these sessions while concentrating the attention on the individual.

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Two little fellas I’ve photographed a few times now were with me for another portrait session not long ago. As a portrait photographer it’s always great to have repeat bookings from clients. There’s less self-consciousness, more understanding between photographer and subjects and well a little bit more fun on offer.

Brothers and sisters have their own dynamic, these guys ping off each other, gain confidence in each other’s company and some would say get a little cheekier given half a chance.

This was a “fine art portrait session” where I was concentrating on the boys solely. With mum and dad we looked for great natural evening light and then used it as a natural backdrop to some photographs which hopefully display the personality and character of the boys.

I hope you like the photographs and if you’re interested in a portrait session then please let me know.

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