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I often produce portraits of families but on occasion I’m also asked to produce portraits of couples and individuals. In this case my client was a student at the University of East Anglia or the UEA as it’s also known,  a University I hold close to my heart as almost sixteen years ago I passed out of the place with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy. I was asked to produce some portrait photographs of the young man concerned to be given to his grandfather on a significant birthday. It turns out that his grandfather is a landscape architect who had some dealings with the design of UEA’s campus, so an outdoor portrait photography session made for the ideal opportunity to photograph his student grandson in the actual landscape he had designed.

We started in Earlham Park, a beautiful park on the edge of the UEA which hosts huge national music events, and the biggest fireworks display in Norwich each year. With winter being in full swing it was harder than usual to find lovely backdrops for the portraits but I was still struck by some of the great scenery in the parks landscape particularly Earlham Hall, which seems to have undergone a beautiful facelift since I left the UEA. We then moved on past the wonderfully iconic Sainsbury’s centre to the UEA broad area where we took some photographs in the woodland, in front of the now famous Ziggurats, and of course the broad itself. A quick hike to the top of “the prospect” a man-made hill designed by said grandfather’s company and we had a great panoramic view of the UEA campus and the setting sun. We then did a few more quick portraits before the sun finally deserted us for the evening on the raised walkway which is another great feature of the campus architecture.

It was a lovely outdoor portrait photography shoot. Great to chat about University life with a student in his third year, and even better to see front of camera confidence grow throughout a relaxed portrait session.



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January and February are traditionally a great time for indoor baby photography at home. This is because the low angle of sunlight at this time of year shines softly far into a house providing you with a great quality of light to use for simple natural light photographs.

Photographers try very hard to recreate a lovely soft sunlight by using lots of what we call light shaping tools, big umbrellas and soft boxes of various types that soften light from artificial sources. However when you’re lucky enough to have it on tap, pushing through windows of a conservatory, a french window or other then this low diffuse sunlight is simply the best thing for photographing the soft skin of baby’s and young children. Combine this sunlight with a soft backdrop, a large cushion or bed and you’ve got the makings of a great portrait. Tame an older sibling and get lucky with a neutral baby expression which isn’t too disapproving of being held by an elder sibling and voila you can even get a photograph hopefully to last some time in the family archive.

The picture below is of my own daughters, photographed on a bean bag with a large soft fabric throw from John Lewis and background support system (a set of poles) providing the background, and a white reflector filling in any shadows by pushing the sunlight behind them.  I hope my daughter’s enjoy looking at it when they’re much older and hope their own children will have the pleasure in turn of seeing their own mother’s pictured together, as for me, I’m just glad to have caught a little bit of sand from our great egg timer and put it to one side.

Hope you like the photograph and do get in touch if you’re interested in some family and baby photography.

baby photography with natural light and sibling

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The great big bug hunt photography competition to win a family portrait session starts here and there’s not long left to enter- so get cracking.

Each year, I like to give something away and this year it’s a family lifestyle session anywhere in Norfolk before the 30th of May this year, with a complimentary 10″8″ print. A family portrait session can take place at a wonderful outdoor space or even your own home and generally lasts about 1-2 hours. From each session I generally produce 60+ edited images and put these on a secure online gallery for my client’s to view.

So how do you enter the competition?

Well it’s quite simple really, you search this website like a Bug Hunter for a Lady bird beside which is written a name. Once you find the ladybird and his/her name then simply contact me using the contact form and let me know your name and that of the ladybird to be entered in the competition. Enter before 9am GMT on the 20th of January to win a place in the prize draw which will take place on the evening of the 20th at about 6pm. The winner will be announced that evening on my Facebook page: .

The competition was inspired by a very kind gift given to my young daughter for Christmas by some lovely people I had the pleasure of photographing last year. To read more visit the Facebook page above.

Good luck and remember to share the competition with friends and family.



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Being a family photographer is a great privilege. I love heading out into the Norfolk Countryside heading to an outdoor naturally beautiful space or to a client’s home, or holiday home with my photography gear packed in the car knowing that I’m going to spend a lovely hour or two recording a small but significant part of a family’s life.

I’m asked to photograph people on holiday, special occasions, new families, growing families, family’s meeting up for the first time in years, family’s whose children are just about to fledge from their nest and even families on occasion who’ve learnt or know the value of recording family life through adversity. I still love looking through old photographs myself, they tell us so much about things, details that may have been forgotten, give us a window into life and are so often something that becomes more precious with the passing of time.

I go to lovely spots, from woodlands, to heaths, to beaches, to countryside walks, holiday homes, cottages and barns, people’s own homes and even occasionally hotels. I go in summer sunshine, early spring with flowers beautiful colours emerging, winter with layers piled on and my fingerless gloves helping me keep my hands from freezing up, and wind, rain and calm evenings. I enjoy people’s company, enjoy having fun, acting the clown for children and love talking about parenthood with parents. I often photograph large families, and have got quite good at remembering long lists of names even including the pet dogs who often accompany families on shoots. I also enjoy intimate small family groups, parents with new babies, parents just with their children, enjoy having the time to tease out smiles, watch adventure, watch dad’s regressing to their youth and mum’s cherishing their children.

I can’t lie there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes, buying expensive camera equipment only to drop it too frequently, staring at computer screens spending more time than I care too on social media and sometimes even blogs, washing clothes that get covered in mud and more from romping around in an effort to get the right frame and angle for a photograph, and more.

But I love it, every last second, and wouldn’t do anything else, and here’s some of why 😉



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In addition to my natural lifestyle portraits I’m often asked to document a party or two throughout the year and could be described as an event photographer.

Any reason to photograph people enjoying themselves is always great and there’s no better occasion than on a wedding anniversary. On this occasion I was asked by a lovely couple who were celebrating a very significant wedding anniversary to photograph them, their family and friends enjoying a party at the beautiful Stower Grange Hotel in Norwich.

I arrived early to take some photographs of the couple’s immediate family together in the grounds of the hotel before they were joined by the rest of their guests. By the time all their guests arrived bright sunshine greeted everyone and children and adults alike took advantage of Stower Grange’s large rear garden to enjoy the sun and their afternoon before being called in for a lovely lunch courtesy of the wonderful team at the Grange. As a photographer I find myself quite often working at lovely establishments such as Stower Grange and I’d just like to take the time to say that the team at Stower Grange never fail in supplying a high standard of professional service and brilliant food, it’s a pleasure to work with them and I always believe that great work should be lauded.

After drinks in the garden and plenty of fun on the swing for the children, and then dinner where due to the significance of the wedding anniversary there were a few lovely speeches made, the party then again took to the garden to be entertained by some great magic provided by Edd Crafer.

It was a lovely afternoon for a great couple enjoying themselves with family and friends and a privilege to be able to enjoy photographing this lovely event. If you have need of an event photographer to cover your event, please get in touch.


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