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There’s no greater signal of the approach of summer than the advent of carpets of bluebells in local woodlands and no greater excuse to get out for a family photography session. A recent short family portrait session recorded a relatively new arrival in a family I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several times before in addition to their little man’s birthday.

Bluebells usually emerge before all the leaves on the trees have had chance to themselves. This means that often their carpet can be intermittently in sun and shade depending on the weather. Finding an area of shade so that the wonderful colours of the bluebells would saturate the photographs I took we enjoyed a little time giving the family chance to have some fun, pose for some family photographs and individual portraits.

One member of the family not to miss out was the family’s inimitable dog. I’m always asked by clients if I’d mind also having dogs along for shoots. I never mind at all. The inclusion of canine companions often supplies a great amount of entertainment particularly for younger family members and as family sessions often involve a certain amount of chaos, a little extra from the old adage of “not working with children and animals” never hurts.

Great fun, and I hope you like a small selection of the photographs produced.


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As a Norwich photographer this family session combined my favourite elements in incorporating both  indoor and outdoor elements. My being present in the home of the family home at the start of the shoot meant that the toddler involved felt very relaxed from the outset and by the time we started the outdoor part of the session I went largely unoticed about my business.

When I arrived at the family home, the youngest member of the family was still fast asleep so to bide our time I photographed mum and dad together. Not only are children are relaxed in their own home, and it was a pleasure as a dad myself to be able to produce some images seldom recorded when a new parent: that of mum and dad having a bit of quality time. On a side note, I’m never a big fan of waking children from a sound slumber for a portrait session, there’s nothing grumpier and long in the placating as a child woken early and I’m usually more than happy to wait an extra half an hour to have a happy little person to photograph.

Like a duck to water this little lady was great in front of the camera and more than happy to see her lovely parents and to entertain them and me as we tried to capture some natural photographs of her.

After a little while in the family home, we headed to a farm local to Norwich where there are some great outdoor walks through field and woodland. The sun was out and very bright, so ironically we needed to find a little shade in general for shots of the family. We soon found some lovely woods and tracks and took some more photographs of the family this time out on a wonderfully warm spring day.

It was great fun to meet a new local family, enjoy their company and record a little bit of their lives. Here are a few of the photographs produced I hope you like them.


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Home portraits are no doubt becoming more popular, people take pride in their homes, they make great locations to keep young children happy, and a cup of tea and a biscuit is only seconds away if you need a break!

On a recent shoot I revisited a family who I’ve photographed on a number of special occasions: weddings, family gatherings and on this occasion to celebrate a birthday. It was a spring day, not too bright outdoors but warm enough and ideal for babies and youngsters who’ll often remain entertained if they have a nice view to admire or places to explore. The family had spent the weekend gathered celebrating a significant birthday, enjoying each other’s company and purportedly some delicious home-made cake.

With out any hesitation we headed outdoors into the garden to make the most of the daffodils and the spring air. We found plenty of amusement, walked through hosts of daffs, ran around on the lawn, sat around near the log pile, explored the pine trees and then finally headed back indoors for some coffee and some more photographs with a selection of knitted pigs bought by a very smitten grandmother for her new grandchildren.

A shoot at home is a very relaxed affair, probably one of the best ways to enjoy photography with your family in relative ease and gives you a great social context to photographs taken for the future viewer. I hope you like a few of the images from this very enjoyable session, thanks for reading.


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As a photographer I try and make sure that all of my clients are as relaxed as possible when I photograph them. To achieve this with my family sessions I’m often either outdoors in a beautiful place or alternatively in, or at, their own home. Family at home portraits are often particularly suitable for young babies in the winter months. They benefit from both the warmth and convenience of home and its comforting familiarity. Without a doubt the benefit is more than two fold in that parent’s can also relax knowing that everything they need is close at hand.

Home portraits also provide you with a contextual aspect to the session. In years to come the house in which you live, particularly its decor, will become more important and probably more interesting as styles change.

In this session the young family included a baby who is about 4 months old and her parents. I’m often asked when the best time to photograph a baby is? There’s no definite answer to this question, I can only offer my opinion based on my experience. I find that sessions with babies who are just over 6 months of age are often the most productive simply because the baby is still very cute but also benefits from being able to crawl, often sit up and moreover smile beautifully. However my abiding rule is that the best time to photograph your young family is when you see fit, when you’re ready, and this shoot is an example as such.

This session was great fun, we photographed the family on what was weather wise quite a dull day, in several of the rooms in their beautiful home. We included mum and dad, baby and family dog, incorporated feeds, nappy changes, clothing changes and even a coffee break, all within a morning session lasting a little less than two hours.

I hope you like looking at a small selection of the images from the session.

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Being a Norwich portrait photographer is great fun, particularly when I work with young families. As a father of two young girls myself, I love to talk about the joys of parenting to other parents and to laugh about the less joyful bits. On this occasion I was photographing a family with two young boys. I was originally contacted so that the couple concerned could obtain a photograph of their eldest son that would emulate one taken of his father many years earlier.  The original had been produced in a studio, so to reproduce something similar I took my portable studio gear to the family’s home, set this up and shot some studio style photographs. After these images were captured we moved on to a small natural session with the family, taking a small walk around a local pathway open to the public.

It was a lovely session with a great family, with baby and elder brother both enjoying themselves. It was interesting though to see how much more comfortable the elder brother found the outdoor session. He could run around, be himself, explore, have more fun and generally expend the masses of energy young children have available to them. I still think there is a place for studio shoots and sessions, they allow you to focus solely on the sitter, fine tune lighting etc etc, but there aren’t slugs in a studio, or autumn leaves to throw around, or sticks to find and use as whatever the imagination wants. It was really interesting to see quite a contrast in two photographic styles, and how they might befit different age groups. Conversely, the younger brother was probably a bit more comfortable in the studio style environment. As it was autumn, he needed to be bundled up a little in a big coat, couldn’t really sit around too much on the ground outside and couldn’t yet walk. So whether the younger brother preferred studio or outdoors is still up for debate?

Nevertheless, I cherished time spent with a lovely family, photographing them enjoying themselves both indoors and outdoors. It was nice to be able to present a legacy of formal photographs of the boys in the family and to see the family resemblances, and to photograph the family taking in some fresh autumn air. I hope you like a small sample of the images from the session.



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