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Holidays in Norfolk provide great family time, fun in the sun and relaxation. I’m always really fortunate to be asked to photograph family’s who holiday in the county whilst they’re enjoying kicking back and being together. As an Old Hunstanton Family Photographer I often get to enjoy spending time on the wonderful beach there photographing a family enjoying the back drop of amazing cliffs, a beautiful bay and the multi-coloured beach huts, it’s a bit of traditional seaside to enjoy.

The family I photographed on this occasion were enjoying such a holiday, away from the stresses of work life, in beautiful sunshine, relaxing and enjoying life. My lifestyle sessions are unhurried, relaxed and fun. We explored the beach, looked at the beach huts, hid among them a little, walked and jumped around a bit in the dunes and then headed out a beautiful stretch of sand for some more photographs. Finally we headed to the sea for some special photographs of a little lady who was enjoying the chance to dress up as her favourite Disney character Ariel in the suitable setting of the beach front. It was great fun, lovely to meet such a lovely family and lovely to be able to help create and maintain memories of a Norfolk holiday for their future.

Here’s a few photographs from the afternoon:

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Parents know all too keenly that babies and young children change both physically and in their behaviour at a bewildering speed. Only last night my own wife was remarking on how quickly our youngest daughter had changed when she found herself flicking through pictures on her phone. The speed of this change is why I get frequent requests from my own wife to photograph our children and is no doubt why I’m asked by grandparents who’ve experienced the speed of children’s development to photograph their grandchildren and children together in family sessions.

This session was the result of such a thought of one such grandparent who took it upon themselves to provide the gift of a portrait session to her daughter, so that she could benefit from having a record of family life at a wonderfully precious time in her sons life and that of their family.

We headed up to the Norfolk Coast, chasing sand dunes, sunshine and a bit of adventure for a little man who’d no doubt enjoy it. The benefit of some parts of the coast is that there is often shelter from cool winds in the woodlands that lie behind many of Norfolk’s beaches. This means that you have two different environments to potentially enjoy during a portrait session and provides all the entertainment young children and even babies need.

Smiles were the order of the day, as mum, dad, and a very smiley little guy enjoyed time together, lovely weather and a change of scenery. Only after woods and beach had been explored did a little tiredness begin to kick in which although resisted by the family’s little adventurer finally told us that the session was a wrap and we should head back to the car park. It was a superb session and was great to see how cherished and happy one little boy can be, I hope you like the small selection of photographs from this family portrait photographer’s session below.

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One of the loveliest aspects of being a photographer is being asked to repeatedly capture people’s lives as they develop. I first met the couple who became the mum and dad of this family group when I helped a friend photograph their wedding a number of years ago. It was a lovely wedding in North Norfolk and it was great to get to know the bride and groom who later became the parents of two very lively little twins. It was great to be asked to photograph their family group this year as they returned to their beloved Norfolk for a holiday away from city life and for a bit of time with their daughters. It’s often I’m called upon to produce Norfolk Holiday Photography sessions, so this one for a family the parent’s of whom I knew, was particularly fun.

Family sessions are always great fun and this one was no less so. As a father of two girls myself I got another valuable insight into parenting twins and how mum and dad teamwork has to be even tighter knit when dealing with two strong willed twins. For all the running around/chasing we did though it was absolutely worth it, the girls dictated the session and didn’t tire easily, mum and dad and myself kept up, employed all the ploys in the book that we could and hopefully came out with some lovely photographs to mark a significant moment in the life of this family. How do you get smiles from children….you let them enjoy themselves, explore and adventure, which the girls did in buckets 🙂
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A recent family portrait session took me to Snettisham in North West Norfolk. Snettisham is a lovely location nestled beside the coast and in very close proximity to the Royal Sandringham Estate. The family I visited as a Snettisham Photographer were on holiday at the beautiful Sutton Lea Manor. The manor is a large house located in lovely gardens on the edge of the village with a great vantage to look upon the village itself. The gardens made for a great spot in which this extended family’s children could play in safety and in which I could photograph the family.

Keen to use their holiday time to head to Snettisham beach for a while before heading home we made an early Sunday morning start to the session. Children are often up and about bright and early and on this occasion there were no exceptions. I photographed the whole family together in several locations with their grandmother before we used various locations in the manor’s lovely gardens to photograph the members of the family including the grand children, mums and dads. We got to use doorways, red wood sequoia trees, cool areas in the shade of beach trees, and the lawns to create lots of variety in the images produced.

The great thing about the early start and the gardens at Sutton Lea Manor was that on an otherwise particularly sunny day we found lots of shaded spots for photography. We also had the session wrapped up within two hours despite having a large family to photograph and this meant that the families could head to the beach before long car journeys home at the end of the day ready for school on the Monday morning.

If you would like to book a portrait session then please feel free to get in touch. I’m glad to say that a presentation boxed USB has been delivered to this family containing all the edited images from their session ready for printing and a HD slideshow which allows them to view all the edited images in a leisurely fashion. I hope you like a small selection of the photographs produced.


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My work isn’t always with extended families, young children and babies. On a shoot earlier this year, I got to meet a wonderful couple celebrating their life with their three lovely Dalmatians. We headed down to Beccles common for the session. The common itself doubles as a golf course and generally great area for a walk, being particularly popular with dog walkers of whom we met many during our own walk around the common. It was a first for me visiting Beccles itself to photograph a couple, I think in the dim and distant past I photographed a wedding at the church in the town, but I’d be glad to be considered a Beccles Portrait Photographer. For the uninitiated the previous line of text may seem bewildering but rest assured it’s an SEO necessity, or a way of making sure that my website gets seen by Google and other search engines 🙂

Anyhow, we met up in the carpark to the common and quickly discussed the couple’s usual walk around the common with the dogs. It’s quite often nice as a portrait photographer to know the locations in which you photograph people but on this occasion I was flying blind so quizzed my guides a little as to the terrain and topography of the common prior to our walk. This is essential from the photographers point of view so as not to miss photographic opportunities that only present themselves in certain environs. An example of this would be the photographs below that show the couple sitting on a bank with their dogs. The bank in question was the back edge of a golfing green which happened to have a lovely set of oak trees behind it which created a nice place to sit in the open with a solid background of colour. There weren’t that many similar locations throughout our walk so it was great to spend a bit more time at this location to allow the dogs to relax and the owners to general be fussed over.

We met open tracks, gorse bush mazes, pillboxes, woodland, banks, horses, open golf course and even the golf courses HQ on our walk, utilised each opportunity for a photograph and carried on. It was great to get to know this lovely couple more and to see the wonderful relationship they have with their family of dalmatians.


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