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Suffolk Portrait Photography doesn’t get much better than when visiting the wonderful village of Walberswick adjacent to Southwold on the Suffolk Coast. Walberswick is a beautiful village that grew up on the opposite side of the River Blyth from the popular town of Southwold where this wonderful river meets the sea. As a result Walberswick has a great riverside walk which takes you past boat moorings, is famous for it’s crabbing opportunities on the bridges that straddle inlets, has a lovely stretch of beach backed by sand dunes, a small boat launching area, beach huts and a village green around which great pubs and tea rooms nestle. It’s gorgeous and as this family found out, despite the cold it can also be a brilliant place for a family portrait session in winter!

I met up with the family at one of the ample car parks serving the village, headed off for a bit of walk both to warm us up and to find some picturesque spots to shoot some portraits. The aim of the shoot was to supply some lovely family photographs to one lucky guy as a birthday surprise. He was at work, the rest of the family were modelling brilliantly 🙂 It was winter, I had more layers on than I normally need for a session. I try and move quite quickly from one opportunity to photograph people as naturally as possible to the next. This normally helps children to stay attentive to the session, prevents them getting bored and makes it enjoyable. On this occasion it also served to keep us all warm, to stop noses becoming too red, to keep bums from getting too chilly. The sky was a big grey duvet, which is a bit of a shame because winter blue skies are hard to beat what with a lovely low sun. For this reason we concentrated on slightly tighter framing of the subjects than is normally my style, concentrating on obtaining some subtle winter colours and enjoying the shoot. To this end there was a little bit of unashamed jumping from the sand dunes, normally cold weather makes people wrap themselves up and almost hug themselves for warmth so it was great to have the contrast of some seriously athletic jumps 🙂

A great session with a great family in the heart of winter. I hope you enjoy a few of the photographs.

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When family members live both in various corners of the country and also the world it’s a big deal getting everyone together. A family portrait session last year united family members from both the North East and East Anglia in the UK with those based in Canada. Family reunions, get togethers, holidays are a common reason for a photographer to be called upon to take some photographs. Often I’m asked to attend a large holiday home to photograph everyone but on this occasion the family ventured out to a beautiful bit of parkland for some natural photographs together.

The bonus of heading out and about if you can for a family reunion session, is that often people relax more in front of a camera when they have a chance to move and explore and see new things. In this case one of the family’s brought their Cockapoo along for the walk. Great fun for the younger family members and of course a willing poseur when required 🙂 We walked through park land, amongst some great deciduous woods, along tracks and trails exploring, photographing. The family had fun, the kids had a bit of adventure and even managed to find a toad, and we all returned to the car park having had a great time and some exercise to boot.

I hope you like a small selection of the photographs from this session. A big thanks to the family concerned who were wonderfully accommodating and great fun to be with.

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Fun, adventure and excitement are key to great natural portraits of a family enjoying time together. These elements make everyone remember the joy of childhood, helps parents forget about forced poses, makes everyone smile! In reviewing the photographs from this natural portrait photography session at West Runton near Cromer in Norfolk last year, I was struck by the number of smiles, more than the normal, happy, relaxed, family having great fun on an evening at the beach.

The sun was out when we arrived, the beach almost deserted as it was almost dinner time: or tea-time as we’d call it in the Midlands where I grew up. There was a cloud bank rolling in and with it a bit of cold weather so we set off up the beach, enjoying the sun, surf, and lovely groins at West Runton which are now almost relics of a once effective sea-defence, whilst we still could.

Jumping in and out of the waves, walking along in the reflections of water polished sand, examining sea weed covered groins, racing, running, and hugging-great fun. Time for pauses, for snacks and for chats before heading back to the beach car park before it got too cold as the evening drew in.

I hope you like a small selection of the images, and I thank this wonderful family who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and photographing for a few years now, for all the natural smiles 🙂

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Holidays in Norfolk provide great family time, fun in the sun and relaxation. I’m always really fortunate to be asked to photograph family’s who holiday in the county whilst they’re enjoying kicking back and being together. As an Old Hunstanton Family Photographer I often get to enjoy spending time on the wonderful beach there photographing a family enjoying the back drop of amazing cliffs, a beautiful bay and the multi-coloured beach huts, it’s a bit of traditional seaside to enjoy.

The family I photographed on this occasion were enjoying such a holiday, away from the stresses of work life, in beautiful sunshine, relaxing and enjoying life. My lifestyle sessions are unhurried, relaxed and fun. We explored the beach, looked at the beach huts, hid among them a little, walked and jumped around a bit in the dunes and then headed out a beautiful stretch of sand for some more photographs. Finally we headed to the sea for some special photographs of a little lady who was enjoying the chance to dress up as her favourite Disney character Ariel in the suitable setting of the beach front. It was great fun, lovely to meet such a lovely family and lovely to be able to help create and maintain memories of a Norfolk holiday for their future.

Here’s a few photographs from the afternoon:

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Parents know all too keenly that babies and young children change both physically and in their behaviour at a bewildering speed. Only last night my own wife was remarking on how quickly our youngest daughter had changed when she found herself flicking through pictures on her phone. The speed of this change is why I get frequent requests from my own wife to photograph our children and is no doubt why I’m asked by grandparents who’ve experienced the speed of children’s development to photograph their grandchildren and children together in family sessions.

This session was the result of such a thought of one such grandparent who took it upon themselves to provide the gift of a portrait session to her daughter, so that she could benefit from having a record of family life at a wonderfully precious time in her sons life and that of their family.

We headed up to the Norfolk Coast, chasing sand dunes, sunshine and a bit of adventure for a little man who’d no doubt enjoy it. The benefit of some parts of the coast is that there is often shelter from cool winds in the woodlands that lie behind many of Norfolk’s beaches. This means that you have two different environments to potentially enjoy during a portrait session and provides all the entertainment young children and even babies need.

Smiles were the order of the day, as mum, dad, and a very smiley little guy enjoyed time together, lovely weather and a change of scenery. Only after woods and beach had been explored did a little tiredness begin to kick in which although resisted by the family’s little adventurer finally told us that the session was a wrap and we should head back to the car park. It was a superb session and was great to see how cherished and happy one little boy can be, I hope you like the small selection of photographs from this family portrait photographer’s session below.

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