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An afternoon in the Forest-Thetford Forest Photography, Norfolk.

It’s nearly Christmas and I’ve been busy with lots of portrait shoots of various kinds but thought I’d blog a recent visit to Thetford Forest with a lovely family who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several times now.

With two boys and their mum and dad we decided that we could could risk an afternoon shoot in the Forest on a beautifully sunny but also quite cold winter’s day. We set off from a well known spot in Thetford Forest to have a bit of a wander aimed at allowing the boys to enjoy themselves whilst mum, dad and I tagged along. Despite it being quite cold the boys enjoyed themselves exploring the woods, running amok, and spending a good deal of time practising their balancing skills on a fallen pine tree.

The colours in the forest, the atmosphere and the light of a low winter sun only added to the photographs of the family, it’s got to be said that if you go that extra mile you’re often handsomely rewarded and with photography it’s often about the quality of light that you have available to you which on this occasion wasn’t lacking. Sunbeams through pine trees on a cold day can’t be beaten so drop me a line if you fancy heading out on even the most inhospitable days as you might just find a bit of magic.

I hope you like this selection of images from the session which ended with a lovely hot chocolate 🙂 A perfect end to Thetford Forest Photography.

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