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Few times in life are quite as exciting or terrifying as that just before becoming a family. Being a dad myself to two young ladies who seem to grow older and wiser than their dad each day is wonderfully hard work but life changing. To see a couple I’ve photographed several times embarking on the journey of parenthood is genuinely exciting for me as a photographer and it’s even better to be able to record this special time in photographs.

The location of this December shoot was the lovely Suffolk village of Walberswick. Sat beside the sea, just across the water from Southwold and connected to the latter by a small ferry boat, Walberswick has charm by the bucket load. There’s a beach, crabbing on inlets, beach huts, boats, decaying old boats, wooden buildings standing in the path of occasional floods and sunshine, plenty of it on a sunny day. If you’ve not been go, get there early, hop on the ferry explore!

We had a walk around the village, through the wooden shacks, asked the ferryman if we could use his waiting bench and jetty for some shots, walked to the beach, hung out in the reeds and in the reflection of puddles on footpaths beneath a great big blue sky, and that was before we headed into the village for a swing and a photo with the village Christmas tree.

Great fun with a lovely couple on the eve of becoming a wonderful family ๐Ÿ™‚

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Being a family photographer who mainly photographs people on location you occasionally get a shoot where the weather doesn’t exactly play ball. Last summer I’d arranged a shoot at Waxham Beach with a lovely family but when we all arrived it turned a little cloudy, quite windy and I crossed my fingers that we’d get a little break in the clouds to warm us all up and add some warmth to the photographs.

I needn’t have worried the family were indomitable. They’d chosen the location mainly because it’s a favourite beach of theirs. Little known, in terms of Norfolk beaches, quiet and perfect for a family photography shoot, they told me that it was their favourite place to visit during the winter months. This was August, felt a bit like January at times but was quite cold looking but hey I’m up for a challenge.

The family didn’t care though, the kids who were packed full of energy ran around, soaked themselves in the waves and generally enjoyed themselves immensely jumping from the dunes onto the beach. Mum and dad joined in a little bit, chatted and provided fresh dry clothes when needed.

Despite the weather we had a great time, took some lovely photographs and the family really enjoyed themselves: their words not mine ๐Ÿ™‚ After walking up and down the beach we were returning to the car park when finally the sun turned up so we took some more photographs on top of the dunes a little warmer than we had been on the beach.

I hope you like a few of the photographs from this session, and if you’d like your own please get in touch.

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Last year I photographed this lovely photo session at a gorgeous Norfolk park with mum, dad, baby and the family dog. My work includes photographing large family groups, smaller new family sessions and couples all of which I love. The sun shone, as did the smiles, on this occasion and not only did we all enjoy producing the photographs but we also got some fresh air, exercise and out in the beautiful natural environment which I’ve got to confess is my favourite place to photograph people.

We took the pram loaded with supplies, changes of clothes, snacks etc, we took the dog and headed out for the walk, picking photo spots along the way which were plentiful at this lovely park. I like making my photo sessions relaxed. A few photographs here, then a few more photographs there, no one but a model can carry on being photographed without small breaks so I make sure that we don’t put pressure on anyone to perform, instead working with the personality of the individuals to get natural results.

I was treated on this occasion, everyone was in fine spirits, had smiles that outshone the sun, and even the family dog was more than obliging when it came to posing with his little sister: he was getting a lovely walk as well! Mum and dad got plenty of hugs and even managed a quick hug together when our youngest member had a sleep at the walk back to the carpark at the end of the session ๐Ÿ™‚

Bring on more shoots like this one, great weather, great people and a little bit of magic in front of the camera. Mum and Dad have informed me that they’ve made a great photobook from all of their photos from the session=making memories ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you like few photographs from the session as below.

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My couples portraits sessions are always great fun, whether they’re engagement shoots, anniversary shoots or on occasion an exciting maternity session. A couples session towards the end of last year took me down to the Norfolk Suffolk border area to photograph a lovely couple on a farm.

It’s exciting to meet a couple you’ve only corresponded with via email. Wonderful to get to know them, to see how they click, to have some fun and create some images that’ll enter into a personal and family history.

We photographed the couple together, by themselves, and with their pet dog. Walking, sitting, relaxing and even contemplating a field whilst leant on a gate, it was obvious they enjoyed themselves as much as I did photographing them both.

If you’d like a couples portraits session for whatever reason then please get in touch. I hope you like a few of the images from the session as below:

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Fairhaven Water Gardens is a location I’ve used for a few family shoots now and is also a place I love to take my own family for a walk and of course the obligatory stop at their wonderful cafe: well worth checking out ๐Ÿ™‚ On this shoot I was again photographing a family I’ve had the pleasure of photographing before on several occasions. I’m glad to have a lots of repeat custom in my work as it obviously makes my work easier as I already know the client but also allows me to catch up with how they’re getting on. This family are always great fun to shoot and a bit of a hoot: as they have a great sense of humour ๐Ÿ™‚

We met up at the cafe to have a chat before setting off into the gardens. We descended through the ancient oak trees, past the water ways and the huge Gunnera plants beside them, through the beech tree avenue, to the glade and children’s area near South Walsham broad. The kids explored the flowers, trees, and with the adults took to the swings and generally hung out enjoying being out in the fresh air having a walk, lots of fun and some photographs along the way.

Fairhaven Water gardens is a great place for a family shoot, get in touch if you’d like to explore it whilst having some photographs taken.

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