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January and February are traditionally a great time for indoor baby photography at home. This is because the low angle of sunlight at this time of year shines softly far into a house providing you with a great quality of light to use for simple natural light photographs.

Photographers try very hard to recreate a lovely soft sunlight by using lots of what we call light shaping tools, big umbrellas and soft boxes of various types that soften light from artificial sources. However when you’re lucky enough to have it on tap, pushing through windows of a conservatory, a french window or other then this low diffuse sunlight is simply the best thing for photographing the soft skin of baby’s and young children. Combine this sunlight with a soft backdrop, a large cushion or bed and you’ve got the makings of a great portrait. Tame an older sibling and get lucky with a neutral baby expression which isn’t too disapproving of being held by an elder sibling and voila you can even get a photograph hopefully to last some time in the family archive.

The picture below is of my own daughters, photographed on a bean bag with a large soft fabric throw from John Lewis and background support system (a set of poles) providing the background, and a white reflector filling in any shadows by pushing the sunlight behind them.  I hope my daughter’s enjoy looking at it when they’re much older and hope their own children will have the pleasure in turn of seeing their own mother’s pictured together, as for me, I’m just glad to have caught a little bit of sand from our great egg timer and put it to one side.

Hope you like the photograph and do get in touch if you’re interested in some family and baby photography.

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