Brancaster Beach: Family Photographer

Perfect soft light, a lovely sunny day at the beach, no crowds, warm weather and warm sea, a very fast pet dog, a few pesky wasps, and a young family enjoying the big North Norfolk skies and time together! You can’t want more as a Brancaster beach family photographer 🙂 (shameless website optimising last sentence there!).

It is genuinely brilliant to enjoy your work, to relish meeting new people, to be able to witness the energy, care and love that photographing a young family is all about. Then to get a good day of warm weather on the beach in August, without the beach being busy, and with some great soft lit sunshine is a bit of a blessing.

This shoot was a birthday gift for the family, given by a new grandparent. That’s significant. I find as a father myself of two girls who are growing up very fast, that you soon appreciate that you have to carve time out of your busy lives for your family whilst they’re young, make memories and record them: preferably without one of you being hidden behind a lens or phone!

This family chose to do just that using the gift they’d been given to record a bit of life under the big blue Norfolk sky. We met up at Brancaster beach. Brancaster is often heaving in the summer with long jams to get to it, so I was a little apprehensive that we should make an early start. Luckily we had a quiet morning, a great expanse of beach and chose to turn left onto a quieter stretch of beach.

I hadn’t been to Brancaster for quite a while. It’s a typical North Norfolk shallow shelving beach ideal for walking along in the surf to cool your toes, with a picturesque sand dune lying behind the beach. We sat in the dunes, walked on the expanse of sand and in the surf. The family’s dog enjoyed zooming everywhere and was a little put out to not be in every photograph with the family often trying to jump into the family group at the earliest opportunity.

It was a time for playing in the sand and enjoying the balmy summer weather.

I hope you like a small selection of the photographs taken on the day.




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