Children’s Portrait Photographer: Autumn Photoshoots

Autumnal photoshoots are great fun. The colours in natural surroundings are brilliant, the sun is low and ideal for portraits and there’s always an excuse to break out the knitwear, whether it’s a jumper or a great big wooly hat! As a Children’s portrait photographer I especially like the season for all those reasons and rejoice when I find a big pile of dry autumn leaves to throw about, almost as much as the kids do! A quick tip regarding leaves would be to look for the leaves of red oak trees, they’re huge, usually a great and unblemished brown or red and in addition to their lovely colour and shape they float on an autumn breeze really well too!

My Children’s portrait photography includes families, individual shoots for children and siblings and even mother and son/daughter shoots depending on who wants and is willing to be in front of the camera. Sessions last up to two hours and I like to try and build a rapport with the younger members of the group in particular well before I start pointing a camera at them. This helps them to relax, in addition to letting them be themselves, and trying to find a bit of adventure or fun in each shoot whether it’s throwing around autumn leaves which never fails to bring on the smiles or exploring the natural world. I’ve been photographing family shoots and children for over 8 years now, and still absolutely love having fun and making memories. Shoots aren’t always outdoors, family shoots in your home can also be equally as fun as the great outdoors and add a bit of childhood home nostalgia a few years on down the line.

My photography sessions can also be purchased for family members or friends so if you’d like to gift a session then please get in touch. family lifestyle portrait photographer norfolk suffolk




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