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The old adage of not working with children and animals is always a funny one for me. Obviously photographing babies and children with their loving families is great fun, and pet dogs always add some chaos, masses of amusement and of course the obligatory for dogs: “turn your bum to the photographer shots” or “shoot across in front of the best frame the photographers had all day shot” :-). However on this shoot from last summer I also had a heard of dairy cows and from distinct memory of the editing process for the shoot at least a million flies- they love to bother dairy cows in summer and as we were nearby decided to join in with us too! 🙂

But in all seriousness, I was brought up around cows, cows were listed as one of our official pets as our grandmother who lived next door when we were young kept some of her cows- pretty much as pets. This included “miss prit” a beautiful veteran Jersey breed cow, who was regularly subjected to cuddles from at least 3 kids at a time! So it was great to be invited on a very sunny summers afternoon to photograph a lovely family celebrating a birthday, and celebrating being relatively new mums, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents to a lovely little lady who it turns out really likes the biscuit jar 🙂 Six adults, one baby, a Jack Russell, Collie, a big heard of dairy cows and at least a million flies 🙂

It was a lovely shoot, great to meet such a lovely family working hard as farmers do, and having a bit of time off together whilst conveniently being able to keep an eye on the heard. Lots of smiles, lots of impetus to chase the biscuit jar, and hopefully given my efforts to spot heal each and every fly, not many of them appearing in the final photos 🙂

p.s. if you look at the photo of the family standing in front of the cows there’s a Jersey not too dissimilar to “miss prit” to the left of the photo 🙂 Thanks again to the family for a lovely shoot on a certain gentleman’s significant birthday!




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