Family Photographer: North Norfolk Beach

I often wondered what it is that makes me enjoy being a family photographer so much, and my conclusion is that it can only be the joy itself of being around wonderful family relationships and recording these in photographs. I see soppy dad’s, parents whose worlds have suddenly begun to revolve like moons around a new planet, mum’s completely immersed in the pool of love that is being a mum, and generally people enjoying being a new family or an old family for that matter: celebrating it all. Then there’s the fun, the discoveries, the foibles, the likenesses, and all the intricacies of family relationships that are either being created or have matured.

This session took place on the North Norfolk coast with a relatively new family. We headed to the woods and to the beach with mum and dad and their amazing daughter. In the woods we clambered on woods, sat in the long grass, someone took a liking to a big bit of bark from a massive pine tree which she then carried around for as long as possible before we found a spot for blowing dandelions and when that failed a little, bubbles, which were also quickly whisked away by the wind coming off the beach. Sand was no obstacle for the little lady and we enjoyed a bit of time on the beach, walking past the beach huts, playing in the sand, snacking and trying to avoid getting too much sand in our eyes, before having a few minutes in the sand dunes and then heading back to the cars before someone got a little too tired.

I’ve got to say that my lasting impression from this session will be a completely smitten mum and dad, enjoying a lovely bit of family time with their daughter whilst I caught as much of the magic on camera as I could. Did I say I loved my job 🙂

I hope you like a small selection of the photographs from the session and thanks again to the lovely family pictured.

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