Family Photographer

Being a family photographer is a great privilege. I love heading out into the Norfolk Countryside heading to an outdoor naturally beautiful space or to a client’s home, or holiday home with my photography gear packed in the car knowing that I’m going to spend a lovely hour or two recording a small but significant part of a family’s life.

I’m asked to photograph people on holiday, special occasions, new families, growing families, family’s meeting up for the first time in years, family’s whose children are just about to fledge from their nest and even families on occasion who’ve learnt or know the value of recording family life through adversity. I still love looking through old photographs myself, they tell us so much about things, details that may have been forgotten, give us a window into life and are so often something that becomes more precious with the passing of time.

I go to lovely spots, from woodlands, to heaths, to beaches, to countryside walks, holiday homes, cottages and barns, people’s own homes and even occasionally hotels. I go in summer sunshine, early spring with flowers beautiful colours emerging, winter with layers piled on and my fingerless gloves helping me keep my hands from freezing up, and wind, rain and calm evenings. I enjoy people’s company, enjoy having fun, acting the clown for children and love talking about parenthood with parents. I often photograph large families, and have got quite good at remembering long lists of names even including the pet dogs who often accompany families on shoots. I also enjoy intimate small family groups, parents with new babies, parents just with their children, enjoy having the time to tease out smiles, watch adventure, watch dad’s regressing to their youth and mum’s cherishing their children.

I can’t lie there’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes, buying expensive camera equipment only to drop it too frequently, staring at computer screens spending more time than I care too on social media and sometimes even blogs, washing clothes that get covered in mud and more from romping around in an effort to get the right frame and angle for a photograph, and more.

But I love it, every last second, and wouldn’t do anything else, and here’s some of why 😉






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LONDON - PARISOLIVIAphil barnes photographer logophil barnes photographer logo norfolk uk