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It’s always a great pleasure when past clients get in touch and let you know that they want another shoot with you and on this occasion I was contacted from across the pond to again meet up with a family this time as a Cambridge family photographer.

Family reunion is a theme that runs through a great many of my larger family shoots. A special occasion brings family members together often from around the world and to record the occasion I get a call to take some photographs. I first photographed this lovely family in North Norfolk but this time the location was a family farm in Cambridgeshire for the family meet up and that’s where I went on the hottest day of 2019.

Getting out of my car at the farm to an impressive 36 degrees celsius at about 6pm in Cambridgeshire was a bit of a shock. We hadn’t been able to reschedule the session as often with family reunion’s people have a limited window for a shoot. Thankfully on my journey down from Norfolk a cloud bank had covered the blistering sun and dropped the temp several degrees but the cloud sat like a blanket keeping the heat of the day trapped and having been to tropical rainforests the humidity wasn’t a great deal different in Cambridgeshire that evening.

Obviously with the heat everyone was hot so on this shoot we took it nice and easy trying to stay as cool as possible, most of the time 🙂 Big family shots preceded smaller family groups, couples, siblings, cousins, the family dogs and event the horses, all in good spirits despite the heat with lots of water and refreshments on hand.

We explored the farm, the fields, the barn and stables using different backdrops for shots, we even went out on the very quiet local lane for some big group photographs. Eventually the clouds turned thundery and we finished the shoot with a bit of a downpour set to rumbles of thunder freshening up an otherwise scorcher of a day 🙂

I hope you like a selection of the images from the day, if you’d like to book a session get in touch.




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