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I normally send out a small questionnaire before your shoot asking a few questions, such as who am I photographing, who needs/wants to be photographed with whom, how old is everyone (roughly), who's most awake in the morning and who likes a nap in the afternoon? This helps me try to learn people's names prior to a session, which is really helpful when you need to ask someone quickly to sweep the hair out of their eyes etc.

As per where? Well if you'd like an "on location" shoot and don't have a particular preference for a great location for your shoot then check out my FAVOURITE LOCATIONS page by clicking the link.

Feel free to look at the frequently asked questions asked of me below and if you have any others don't hesitate to get in touch.


I always recommend clothing without fussy designs (stripes/complex patterns) and large logos, and I always recommend trying to wear complimentary colours. If we’re heading outdoors also remember to wear sensible clothes and footwear that you’ll feel comfortable in at the location of your choice and remember that often I’ll ask if you wouldn’t mind sitting on the ground or on fallen logs and other features so don’t necessarily wear your Sunday best.

how long are the photoshoots?

Whether on location, or at home, whether a simple portrait session or a family event,expect the session to last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. This gives us plenty of flexibility if little people are playing up, or just plain hungry, or if the weather plays tricks on us. It also gives us time to chat and for you to relax in front of the camera: usually the best photographs are taken when you feel relaxed and start to have some fun.

how many photographs do we receive?

I usually produce between 50-100 edited images per session dependent on the type of session booked and other potentially limiting factors. These images are placed on a secure online gallery for you and your family to view and choose products you may wish to purchase for 6 months. If you've purchased a package these are the photos that will be sent to you via download/ USB.


We’ll reschedule, I try and contact clients at least a day in advance if the weather forecast is looking particularly poor to look at rescheduling a shoot. If you have a date that we can’t reschedule then there are sometimes ways around poor weather particularly as I have lighting equipment for indoor photography (there are some examples in my blog). Other than that if we can't find another day I'm happy to issue a full refund.

can i bring my dog(s)?

Often my families are accompanied by their dog(s) on shoots, they're part of the family and usually provide a bit of extra entertainment and distraction: so I love having them along. At people's homes I also get to photograph the pets and animals that don't get to go on outdoor sessions too often such as cats and horses. I was brought up surrounded by a menagerie of animals, had a pet cockerel, magpie and more and so I'm pretty easy going around animals.

where should we do an "on location" shoot?

If you don't have a particular preference as to a location for your shoot or you just don't know what beautiful Norfolk and East Anglia have on offer then check out my FAVOURITE LOCATIONS page by clicking on this link.


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LONDON - PARISOLIVIAphil barnes photographer logophil barnes photographer logo norfolk uk