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Family Photography is wonderful fun. I like to encourage families to head to the great outdoors, explore, have an adventure, take a long walk. It is invariably the best way to get great photographs as together we not only look for photogenic spots but also explore the natural interactions that occur between a family as they relax and enjoy themselves.

I’m a big believer in longer portrait sessions and for this reason my sessions last up to two hours. The reason behind this is that a, it allows you to get out and relax, whether its at a specific location or walking and b, it allows everyone to acclimatise to being photographed, to get used to it, to not worry about it and eventually enjoy it.

I’m often presented with a very keen mum, a slightly less keen dad and children who don’t know which example to follow, if they do at all. I’m glad to say that I’m often told how painless an experience my sessions are, how everyone felt relaxed quickly and even how sometimes even Dad enjoyed himself. I like to think that the photographs speak for themselves, if you see natural smiles there’s no mistaking them, if you see a look of pride on a parent’s face it’s real, if you see hi-jinx or a quiet moment it is just that, one of the many moments that a family experiences through which the love shines clearly.

It’s what I love, it’s what makes me laugh out loud during portrait sessions and what keeps me smiling when spending hours editing images in front of a computer screen.

The session featured below was no exception, a lovely autumnal family photography session, out in the woods, through the avenues of trees, to quiet intersections of tracks, to large fallen trees, to tree canopies radiating fine light autumn colours, it’s great fun.

If you’d be interested in a family portrait session or a fine-art portrait session, there’s no specific best time, Winter is often just as beautiful as spring, Beaches remain the same landscape the year round. There’s no excuses 🙂





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LONDON - PARISOLIVIAphil barnes photographer logophil barnes photographer logo norfolk uk