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Being a Happisburgh family photographer in recent years has meant that with each visit the landscape has changed as this area of the Norfolk coast is being very actively eroded by the sea. The iconic red and white banded lighthouse seems to edge ever closer to the shoreline as unfortunately does the village itself. In fact in the past few years the main access to the beach at Happisburgh seems to have become the carpark and ramp at Cart Gap just south of the village. This is because the original ramp from the Happisburgh carpark to the beach below has been removed and made unsafe by the sea’s actions more times than locals care to remember.

It was then at Cart Gap that we started this family shoot in the summer last year on a beautiful August day. The family shoot was to take advantage of having everyone together for a family holiday celebrating a significant grandparent birthday. It was a Norfolk Broads holiday and the broadland area benefits from having the east coast of Norfolk on its doorstep and within easy reach when families wish to have a day beside the sea.

The shoots itself was full of activity with a walk down a pretty lane beside the sea, some time spent sitting on some bales of straw in a field, a bit of time spent walking the coast path that passes the lighthouse and some more time spent in the surf with the sea around the groups ankles. There were races, embraces, boy and girl groups, more races, digging in the sand, standing by gates in the only shade to be found, and a little bit of stone skimming!

With the erosion of the coast at Happisburgh with cliffs made of sand, chalk, sandstone and glacial silts there’s always fossils around to find. If you find yourself on the beach have a look amongst the stones to find Belemnites, and Echinoids of various forms. Occasionally there’s also washed up starfish and occasionally very rarely a Sea Mouse or two, I’ll leave you to look that one up, they’re pretty stunning!

If you’re holidaying in Norfolk drop me a line, I love getting out to the beaches in my spare time and for work!




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