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Home Baby Photography is a very relaxed way in which to record a new member of your family. On this shoot I set off with some background equipment, lights and camera gear ready to make up a baby photography studio in the family’s home. As it turned out I didn’t need all the equipment I’d packed. A bright day, a large lounge window and a lounge futon worked brilliantly for the photographs of this little 8 day old boy, a wonderful addition to a family I’d had the pleasure of photographing previously on several occasions.

As with all the best laid plans with relatively newborn baby photography the baby boy decided that he didn’t really want to sleep when I arrived at the home. Instead, he wanted feeds, cuddles and not to have his photograph taken at all on his own. Thankfully, this wasn’t a worry and an hour or so later he finally decided to have some deep sleep which enabled us to capture some photographs of him peaceful and relaxed.

In the interim, I didn’t waste my time. The little baby concerned was a third child and his two older siblings were all too happy to have some photographs around the house with dad. There was jumping on beds, more than a little posing and generally great fun to be had.

When we’d taken some images of the baby on his own, with his parents and with his siblings in the house, we’d decided to take advantage of a light evening to head out for some outdoor photographs near the family home. We went for a little walk and took some photographs along the way. It was great fun, farm buildings, fields, gates and walls were found, explored, jumped off, whilst a new little brother slumbered.

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LONDON - PARISOLIVIAphil barnes photographer logophil barnes photographer logo norfolk uk