Lifestyle Portraits Photographer: North Norfolk

It was great to meet up in North Norfolk with a lovely family during the autumn last year for a lifestyle portraits photographer session in some great woodlands. I’d photographed dad many times in his workplace and on my last visit he’d asked if I’d do a portrait session for him and his family.

I love getting to know new families as I’m very lucky to see people year after year for portrait sessions. There’s usually a little apprehension from clients when they’re meeting a new photographer for the first time and it’s natural for people to have to relax a little before you get the best photographs. I usually chat for a while before taking the first photographs for this reason and this allows me to take natural photographs. Of course if you’ve photographed a family before the apprehension is usually not there at all and you can start where you left off in the previous session, with a good working relationship and understanding already in place.

I was very lucky with this family as because I’d photographed dad many times they were relaxed in my company from the start and we could start taking photographs of them all in the limited autumn light we received that morning. The light is always something a photographer looks for and on this occasion despite a good forecast it did decide to desert us a little. Thankfully the woodland colours and professional cameras and lenses made good though and we got some lovely photographs of everyone and had lots of fun trying to wrangle a very mischevious big sister into shots with her family 🙂

Great fun and I’m already looking forward to Autumnal colours next year for family shoots.




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