Natural Family Photography

Family photography doesn’t come any better than when it starts in the family home, takes you on a picturesque walk around the local village, and ends in a cornfield with tractor tracks large enough to walk in without damaging the crop. Not only that but the walk gives baby a chance to have a snooze and there’s a lovely family to both catch up with and photograph whom you’ve provided with engagement photography, wedding photography, family photography and now new family photography.

Starting in the garden of a family home we photographed the family’s new arrival with her parents, uncle and grandparents. It was a lovely sunny day and when the grass in the garden is dry and the flowers in bloom it’s great to be able to sit about and produce some photographs in such a familiar and comfortable environment. On this occasion there was the family cat and the wonderful plants in the garden to keep the little lady completely entertained and smiling.

With extended family photographs taken, mum, dad, baby and I headed off for a walk around the village finding a wonderful footpath which lies between some trees to use for some photographs and a good area of set aside at the edge of a field to use for some couple photographs of mum and dad when the little lady decided to have a bit of a snooze. Finally, although the sky had become a little washed out we headed to a local corn field for some landscape and family photographs.

It was a great afternoon catching up, meeting a new family member and having great fun producing some photographs. If you’d like a portrait session then please get in touch?






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LONDON - PARISOLIVIAphil barnes photographer logophil barnes photographer logo norfolk uk