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As a photographer I try and make sure that all of my clients are as relaxed as possible when I photograph them. To achieve this with my family sessions I’m often either outdoors in a beautiful place or alternatively in, or at, their own home. Family at home portraits are often particularly suitable for young babies in the winter months. They benefit from both the warmth and convenience of home and its comforting familiarity. Without a doubt the benefit is more than two fold in that parent’s can also relax knowing that everything they need is close at hand.

Home portraits also provide you with a contextual aspect to the session. In years to come the house in which you live, particularly its decor, will become more important and probably more interesting as styles change.

In this session the young family included a baby who is about 4 months old and her parents. I’m often asked when the best time to photograph a baby is? There’s no definite answer to this question, I can only offer my opinion based on my experience. I find that sessions with babies who are just over 6 months of age are often the most productive simply because the baby is still very cute but also benefits from being able to crawl, often sit up and moreover smile beautifully. However my abiding rule is that the best time to photograph your young family is when you see fit, when you’re ready, and this shoot is an example as such.

This session was great fun, we photographed the family on what was weather wise quite a dull day, in several of the rooms in their beautiful home. We included mum and dad, baby and family dog, incorporated feeds, nappy changes, clothing changes and even a coffee break, all within a morning session lasting a little less than two hours.

I hope you like looking at a small selection of the images from the session.

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