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In July of last year I got to meet a family gathering from Canada, America and the UK who’d got together in North Norfolk at a holiday home to celebrate some special birthdays and a significant wedding anniversary later in the year. With the family dogs featuring in the family photo shoot we choose the holiday home as the location using the gardens on what was a lovely summers day as a backdrop for photographs of the whole family and then variations of photographs with grandparents, siblings, smaller family groups etc. All part of being a North Norfolk Family Photographer 🙂

I photograph a great many family gatherings at large Norfolk holiday homes. Although my preference is always to introduce a new location in shoots and to take a walk (I find the new location and movement generally relaxes groups of people really well for photographs) sometimes it’s just easier and often much quieter during the height of summer to utilise a large properties garden for a session. Certainly, amenities, food and drinks are usually a little more accessible, as is a baby changing facility for those of us with very young children.

On this occasion we had some lovely garden trees and hedgerows to allow us to escape a little bit of the heat of the sun. The gardens being enclosed also allowed the family dogs to roam free, relax and interact with the family for photographs. Shade is always something I look for in July in particular, I’ve photographed in some pretty hot conditions in the past and know that one of the keys to being comfortable when you’re being photographed is not worrying about perspiration breaking out on your forehead. Shade also allows your eyes to relax a little and all the sun outside of the shaded area can reflect into it, creating a softer light than you’d find if you were out in the direct sunlight.

I had a great time photographing the family concerned, and we had a few laughs trying to co-ordinate animals, children and the adults into some of the shots 🙂 With the families being so dispersed they were all able to download their digital image package direct to their homes in each respective country after the photoshoot using this product in the online gallery. This ended the days of emailing photograph files and sending a USB to family members to copy a few years ago and definitely proves really beneficial to big family gatherings.

Here’s a few of the photographs from the session, hopefully capturing this lovely extended family enjoying time together on a special family holiday 🙂




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