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I’m very happy to have resumed my outdoor family shoots albeit with a bit of social distancing thrown into the mix. On this occasion I travelled up to the North Norfolk coast to one of my favourite haunts Old Hunstanton. I was meeting a family who I’d photographed several years before on the same beach and their daughter is about the same age as my eldest daughter. It’s part of the family experience to watch children grow and it’s a real privilege to get to photograph the change.

On the previous shoot we had Ariel the mermaid costumes complete with large red wigs but on this occasion when it came to going to the shore line we played in the standing water on the beach. I used a “we” there as everyone had fun in the water, Dad, Mum, daughter and me: even if my camera straps did get a bit soggy.

Old Hunstanton is great, you probably wouldn’t guess it from these shots but the beach was packed on a warm summer’s afternoon. I had to only be a bit choosy on my framings and wait a couple of times to make sure that it was only these family members who featured in the shots. Old Hunstanton has an entire village of beach huts the beautiful colours of which are lovely backdrops to portraits, it then has some great facilities, and a very pleasant beach which in the shorter months you can explore more freely, looking at gorgeous cliff formation and interesting foreshore additions such as ship wrecks and strange stones. But on this occasion it was fun, fun on the dunes, on the beach and in the shallow beach pools formed by the retreating tide.

If you’d like to organise a family shoot please do, they’re great fun, I enjoy them immensely and I like to think my clients do too, have a look at these pictures and see what you think 🙂




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