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Toward the end of 2022 I headed to a much quieter than usual Old Hunstanton beach to meet up with a lovely family and their new puppy to produce some family photographs: it’s all part of being a North Norfolk Family Photography photographer. I arrived early, got to see one of many attempts to free a car that had stranded itself on some sand on one of the beach access lanes, and had time to take in the beauty of Norfolk beaches in winter.

On this occasion I knew I was up against three active boys, a little sister, and the surprise of the day a relatively new puppy on its first day out to the beach, not to mention two parents! As a photographer you always take a close look at the ages of children you’ll have to keep up with carrying quite heavy cameras and I expected to run around a bit and dive in some sand on occasion to get the action shots as boys in particular. It was a bit of a cold one, definitely worth having some fingerless gloves on as a photographer- but the freshness was perfect to keep active kids cool and for a family to wear some warm winter wear.

I needn’t have worried about having to chase the boys around, I told mum and dad on the day multiple times that I’d never met such an easy to photograph family and this was completely true! The boys were completely willing participants in the shoot, and not only corralled their little sister when needed but also the family puppy, and then gave the best smiles I’ve seen for quite a while. A complete contender for a “best trained puppy of the year” rosette also obliged for some photographs on her own against a sand dune backdrop, with mum, dad and little sister also not disappointing me with radiant smiles and a willingness to get out on the beach and explore 🙂

I’ll often say that I love my job, and I do, but when families make my job very easy it’s even better 🙂




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