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Out and about in the wilds of Norfolk as a North Norfolk Photographer I headed to the beach for this recent family shoot with a little bit of a difference. On this occasion the session was a combination of an engagement shoot and family shoot. On the one part it was an engagement session marking the coming marriage of a lovely couple and as both bride and groom-to-be have children from their previous relationships they also came along for the ride 🙂

We started out trying to find the wood for the trees, entertaining the younger members of the group and allowing the soon to be happy couple to have a few quiet moments before the younger generation insisted on taking a swing or two on a woodland swing. We then made our way slowly to the beach, again stopping off for some tree climbing, some obligatory wife-to-be carrying/racing and then headed out to the sand to appreciate one of the most appealing things about North Norfolk, it’s beautiful sandy beaches. It was a little misty so we couldn’t really see the sea or the horizon too well but the warmth of the sand and a little bit of a bright sky and Norfolk beaches become a lovely place to be, to hang out and to enjoy yourselves as a couple and a family.

I can’t wait to photograph this couple’s wedding, particularly now I’ve spent some time with them and the kids who’ll play a big part on the wedding day. It’s going to be great and I’m looking forward to spending more time watching them all enjoy themselves.

If you would like a family photography portrait session in North Norfolk please drop me a line.
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