Outdoor Family Photography: Thetford, Norfolk

Outdoor family photography is what I do. Why you ask, well because being outdoors helps everyone relax, allows you freedom, movement, lovely natural backgrounds and the best light source possible the sun! Traditionally people went to photographic studios and on a rainy day they’re probably a good place to be, but photographic equipment has moved on and now photography outdoors, on the move is a lovely natural way to capture energy, natural movement, fun and exploration on camera.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and nature and it’s great to share this with the family’s I photograph in family shoots. There’s always something to intrigue kids and keep them from being bored, and sitting on a sand dune, a log, or balancing along the same or exploring a beach always allows time for natural shots.

A recent shoot took me to Thetford to photograph an extended family to mark the occasion of their Grandad’s birthday. A voucher had been bought for the previous Christmas and Covid had got in the way bringing the shots forward to a beautiful sunny day, photoshoot and then BBQ for the family.

When I photograph a group of 16 people as was the case here, I memorise names beforehand as this helps me to identify who I’m photographing. This way I can engage someone by name when I might need them to raise a chin slightly, look in a particular direction, move out of some harsh light etc etc. Over the years I’ve got fairly good at memorising names and it works well for each shoot.

We had fun photographing the extended family as a whole, candid shots, smaller family shots, couples, kids and more. It was a lovely sunny morning the type I’m dreaming about as I type this on a bit of a wet one!

If you’d like to book a small family shoot, or a larger family shoot please get in touch, you can book a date, buy a voucher for someone and more.

Here’s a small selection of image of one of the families in the larger group photographed on this occasion.




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