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I love being a portrait photographer particularly a Norfolk Portrait Photographer. We simply have loads of places for wonderful outdoor portrait sessions and relatively dry weather.  Put anyone outdoors and they’re naturally more relaxed, whether it’s a mum, a dad, a baby, grandparent, sibling or cousin. I photograph sessions at beaches, in parkland, woods, people’s gardens and more and the key ingredient is generally outdoors where we don’t feel cloistered, where we have fresh air and nature. Let’s face it there’s becoming a premium on both and that’s why so many car parks attached to parks and public gardens or outdoor spaces are making so much money, we love to be outdoors.

I also love nature, always have and will, so for me the benefits are multiplied, happy clients, fresh air, exercise and nature are my pleasures when photographing outdoor sessions, and this counterbalances lots of editing, uploading files, preparing products etc when I’m back in the office. On this shoot I was reunited with a lovely couple, their new family and their extended family for a session in a private bit of parkland usually used by Scout groups in Norwich. Seeing a wonderful couple who’s wedding I photographed was joy enough but having the pleasure of their extended family’s company was the cherry on the cake particularly as they were so much fun to photograph. On a blazing sunny day with some pretty harsh light in mid afternoon, and after the youngest member of the group had awoken from a midday nap, we found some shade which was pretty hard to come by in early spring and set about taking some photographs, with members of the family helping out we added to our shade with some of my photographic brollies acting to cut out stray and very bright sunlight, and even found some log stools so that we could compose some family groups comfortably without complete recourse to sitting in the grass.

During the session there were lots of hugs, more than a few toddler attempts at jewellery theft and nose slaps, there were tongues pocked out, a bit of climbing trees, tickles, a bit of unscripted romantic looking into each others eyes and hasty daisy chain assembly :-). It was great fun, great to spend time doing what I enjoy with people enjoying themselves and creating photographic memories.

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