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It’s great to get the vote of confidence in your work that is to be asked by another photographer to provide a relaxed natural portrait session for them and their family. I’ve tried searching for photographers myself before, when planning a holiday, hoping to find someone who fits the bill for photographs of my own family without success, so to be chosen to do the same for another photographer was a privilege. Looking for a Southwold photographer my client had seen my images on my website from previous visits to the glorious coastal gem that is Southwold and gave me a call. After a 15 minute chat I was sure I’d have a great time photographing the family on their holiday and looked forward to meeting them.

Fast forward a few weeks to meeting up at Southwold, on a day that began with a bitterly cool wind but then blossomed into a scorcher with the town and harbour being blessed with some great sunshine. With a holiday home literally opposite the beach I met up with the family and we headed across the way to take some natural and relaxed photographs of the family having fun. The centre of Southwold is a bustling town with pier and often quite a busy beach, it’s lovely to visit but on this occasion I really enjoyed the quiet end of the town to the south. Here you find lovely sand dunes, beach huts, and then the wonderfully picturesque harbour area, it’s perfect for a family shoot.

We enjoyed the beach and then headed for the harbour area, took photographs along the way and I greatly enjoyed watching a fellow photographer get some well deserved time in front of the lens, making and recording some memories with his family. I hope you like a small selection of the photographs from the session.

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