Winterton Beach Family Photography

Blue skies, sunshine, smiles, waves, sand, marram grass and sand dunes, all make Winterton Beach a favourite place to visit in Norfolk: and this isn’t even taking into account the very tasty food put on by the Winterton Beach Cafe. Winterton has long been a favourite beach for my own family and my wife has been known to disappear with the kids there for several days when I’m busy during the summer months. I was very happy last weekend to visit for a “Winterton Beach Family Photography session”; sorry sentences like this one have to be added to blogs to satisfy internet search engines 😉

I met up with a lovely family and their pet dog in the carpark at the beach and we headed out onto the dunes behind the beach to take advantage of a few photogenic beach side boat sheds before walking, jumping, and running through the dune slacks behind the beach that are very popular with walkers and then onto a quieter part of the beach for some sand and sea based fun. I’m often asked if I mind having dogs along for shoots and I never do, part of my job is getting people to relax in front of a camera and to forget the camera is there, and I’ve definitely found that having a family’s faithful friend along has helped on numerous occasions. With a very active family with me it was a joy to be able to capture big jumps, runs on the shoreline, and into the waves and to catch the occasional quieter moment too. There’s nothing quite like being out in the fresh air and it never fails to capture honest uninhibited smiles, fun and just a slice of family life. To be able to capture a family being able to enjoy such smashing weather is even more of a bonus as I know from my own family’s images that being able to look back at sunny summer photographs on a dull winter’s day lifts everyone’s spirits.

We had a great time and the family loved the photos, no more to say, get booking, I’ve got half a year of missed shoots to make up for 😉




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